How to Draw a Snowman

Easy Snowman Drawing Tutorial

How to draw a snowman tutorial

A snowman might seem like an easy Christmas drawing, but it has a lot of different components to get right. 

The hat, the scarf, the twig arms. 

And don’t even start on the face; it’s so hard to get a face that’s meant to be made of inanimate objects to look friendly.

Even the way you draw the big snowballs for the body is tricky; if you don’t stack them right or shape them correctly, they end up just looking like 3 circles on top of each other! 

If you need help creating your snowman illustration, this post will show you how to draw a snowman easily. 

It’s aimed towards beginners, so it should be easy to follow along with.

What You Will Need to Draw a Snowman

Here is a list of what you need to draw a snowman

  1. Something to draw onto. This can be paper, a sketchbook or a journal.
  2. A pencil to plan out your shapes. 
  3. An eraser to rub out the pencil markings. 
  4. Fineliner pens (black is what is recommended)
  5. Colours if you want to add colour to your snowman drawing. 

That’s everything you need to draw a snowman!

How to Draw an Easy Snowman – Step by Step

Below is a step by step tutorial on how to draw a snowman:

Step 1: To draw the snowman’s body, start by drawing two oval overlapping each other. Make them slightly wider than tall, and make sure the bottom one is bigger than the top one.

Then draw a small, round circle in pencil overlapping the top circle at the very top. This will be the snowman’s head.

How to draw a snowman step 1 - Draw 3 circles on top of each other vertically

Step 2: Using a pencil, draw a rectangle on top of the very top circle to mark out the snowman’s hat. Add two diagonal lines in pencil from the middle circle; these will be the arms.

Snowman drawing step 2 - Draw a rectangle on top and two straight lines from the centre circle

Step 3: To draw the stick arms, go around the pencil lines using a fineliner. Draw two small branches at the top for the hands.

Snowman doodle step 3 - Draw stick arms in fineliner

Step 4: Around the middle pencil circle, draw a scarf in fineliner. This isn’t essential, but will help to keep your Snowman cozy!

How to draw a snowman step 4 - Draw a fineliner scarf

Step 5: Draw over the rectangle at the top using a fineliner to create a hat. You can add a thin oval at the bottom for the brim, and add some details to the hat such as a band around the base.

Snowman drawing step 5 - Draw fineliner hat

Step 6: Now you have drawn some of the details on the snowman, go around the pencil circles in fineliner. It is recommended to draw the lower circles slightly square-ish, not a perfect circle; this will help it seem more realistic.

How to draw a snowman step 6 - Draw fineliner circles for body

Step 7: Now that you have the body complete, you need to add a face! You can draw a triangle in the middle of the top circle as a carrot nose, a smile underneath, and two eyes. 

To draw a cute Snowman, you should keep the features of the face close together and slightly lower down on the head. This will make it seem more childlike. Be careful not to make the triangle for the nose too large or crooked; you can tilt it up slightly to make it look cuter. You can also draw on a line smile rather than the classic snowman smile made out of pieces of coal.

Snowman doodle step 7 - Add a face

Step 8: Add some colour; black for the hat, brown for the twig arms, orange for the nose and red for the scarf is traditional. But you can make your snowman whatever colours you want!

Snowman tutorial step 8 - Add some colour

Below is a recap showing how to draw a Snowman step by step:

Picture tutorial of how to draw a snowman step by step

Easy Snowman Doodle Tutorial – Final Thoughts

This post shows how easy it is to draw a simple snowman doodle. 

I hope it will help you draw plenty of doodles over the festive period!

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How to Draw a Snowman for Beginners