How to draw lavender flowers

How to draw lavender step by step tutorial

How to draw a lavender flower tutorial

Want to learn how to doodle flowers in your bullet journal?

Perhaps you want to add flower drawings to your spring spreads?

If you’re looking for flower doodles, an easy flower to learn how to draw is lavender.

Why learn to draw lavender flowers?

Lavender is an amazing flower to draw in your bujo spreads.

They are a beautiful, elegant flower, and the bright purple will add vivid colour to your bullet journal spreads.

But also because the lavender plant has deep meaning.

The symbolic meaning of lavender flowers

The lavender flower is a great flower to illustrate as it has a number of different meanings:

  1. Lavender symbolizes a number of powerful emotions, such as devotion and love
  2. The lavender flower also represents more soothing ideas, such as calmness, tranquility, peace
  3. Lastly, the colour of the lavender petals themselves have deep meaning. Purple is a royal colour, that symbolizes elegance and luxury

With these different meanings in mind, lavender doodles can be used in your bullet journal for various spreads!

Lavender bullet journal ideas

So now you know what lavender symbolizes, you might be wondering how exactly you can incorporate it into your bullet journal designs.

Check out these different ideas for lavender drawings in your bullet journal below:

  • Spring and summer spreads. Lavender plants are typically summer-blooming flowers, so adding them to your summer spreads is a great idea. Some Lavender flowers bloom early in springtime, so you could also use them in a spring spread.
  • As a theme spread. When creating monthly spreads with definite themes, it can be hard to think of ideas for every month of the year. Rather than just adding them into a spring or summer spread, you can pick one month in the summer, and dedicate it to a lavender theme.
  • Colourful spreads. Perhaps you don’t like creating themes for your spreads, but like to focus on set colour? If so, lavender drawings are a great doodle to add to a purple themed spread (providing you colour them in of course!).
  • With quotes. As the lavender flower represents powerful emotions like love and devotion, you could draw some next to a relevant quote.
  • Meditation tracker or self care page. Because they also represent peace and calmness, you could also add lavender drawings into any spreads relevant to these, such as a meditation or mindfulness tracker, or a self care page.
  • Goals spread. Lastly, as lavender can symbolize luxury, you could also add them onto a goals spread (if you have luxurious goals, of course!).

Hopefully these have given you plenty of ideas for adding lavender doodles to your bullet journal.

Now it’s time to learn how to draw them; check out the lavender drawing tutorials below!

How to draw lavender – easy for beginners

Lavender drawing supplies

Before you actually draw your lavender doodles, you need to make sure you have the right equipment.

Here’s what you need to create an awesome lavender drawing:

  • Something to create your lavender drawings in. This can be paper, a sketchbook, or we recommend a bullet journal.
  • A black fineliner to draw your lavender flower. We recommend one with a medium thickness nib.
  • Coloured pens to add colour to your doodle. You can use either fineliners, pencils, or brush pens. (Just make sure you have a purple and a green to hand!)

Now you know what supplies you need, check out the lavender drawing tutorials below!

Lavender doodle – step by step tutorial

How to draw lavender- quick and easy

Below is a very quick and easy way to draw a gorgeous lavender doodle:

Step 1. Draw a long, slightly curved, vertical line.

Step 2. Draw a small, thin petal coming off the top of the line. 

Step 3. Just underneath that first petal, draw a set of two petals together.

Step 4. Add another set of two petals just underneath.

Step 5. Continue drawing sets of petals all down the stem. Make the petals at the top smaller and more sparse, then add more, slightly larger petals towards the middle. Stop a bit before the bottom. 

Step 6. Add a long, thin leaf or two towards the bottom of the stem. 

Step 7. Add some colour, and you’re done! 

Repeat the above steps to create a bunch of lavender flowers.

Here’s a picture tutorial:

Lavender drawing picture tutorial; how to draw a lavender flower easily step by step

This has shown you how to draw a simple lavender plant.

However, if you want to draw a more detailed lavender flower, check out the tutorial below!

How to draw a detailed lavender flower

Step 1. Draw a long, slightly curved line (this is the stem).

Step 2. At the tip of the line, draw a single petal.

Step 3. Slightly down from the tip, draw two petals next to each other.

Step 4. Then draw three petals together just under the last bunch. If you want your lavender to appear full and thick, leave very little space between each set, or you can leave a slightly larger gap for a sparser looking lavender plant.

Step 5. Draw another four bunches of three petals on the line, leaving the slightest gap between each set of petals.

Step 6. Then draw four bunches of four-petal doodles down the line.

Step 7. Now draw three lots of five petals.

Step 8. Draw two lots of six petals. Make sure to leave plenty of space at the bottom of your line, to add in leaves.

Step 9. Further down the line, you can also add a few sets of two-petals, if you want your lavender flowers to gradually thin out.

Step 10. Lastly, add a few long, thin, wavy leaves towards the bottom of the plant. Only add in two or three leaves max.

Step 11. Add colour if you wish; light purple to flowers, and light green to the leaves.

Step 12. Repeat the above steps to create multiple lavender flowers together in a bunch!

Below is a picture tutorial to follow for your lavender drawing:

How to draw lavender - detailed picture tutorial

Lavender drawing tutorial – final thoughts

Whether you want to draw lavender quickly, or you want a more detailed lavender doodle.

Hopefully this post has shown you how easy it is to draw lavender!

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