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February BuJo Inspo

The best February bullet journal theme ideas

February is the month of love, with Valentine’s Day as its highlight.

As a result, many people choose to make their bullet journals romantic and heart-filled.

Whether you’re looking for classic Valentine’s Day inspired bullet journal themes, or Pancake day is more your thing, this post is all about different February bullet journal theme ideas.

Events that take place in February

Creating your monthly theme around an event that occurs in the month is a great idea. 

Below are some important events that occur in February; 

  • Groundhog Day is celebrated in the US on February 2nd. 
  • World Ukulele Day is also on the 2nd of Feb. 
  • World Nutella Day is celebrated on the 5th of February (the day is officially recognised by the manufacturer Ferrero!). 
  • Darwin Day celebrates the birth anniversary of Charles Darwin and his contributions to science on the 12th of February. 
  • Galentine’s Day (thank you Parks and Recreation!) is celebrated each year on the 13th of Feb. 
  • Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February.  
  • Random Acts of Kindness Day is on February 17th
  • Pancake Day usually takes place between February and March. In 2023, Pancake day is February 21st! 
  • Pokémon Day celebrates the anniversary of the Pokémon franchise every February 27.
  • Mardi Gras is celebrated towards the end of February/ start of March (in 2023 it falls on 21st of February).

February Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

Below is a list of different theme ideas you can use for your cover page and spreads throughout February.

(Don’t be surprised if a lot of them are Valentine’s Day related!):

  • Balloons
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Blueberries
  • Boxes of chocolates
  • Butter
  • Candy
  • Cherries
  • Chocolate
  • Confetti
  • Cupid
  • Flowers
  • Groundhog
  • Hearts
  • Love hearts
  • Love letters
  • Masks
  • Music
  • Notes
  • Nutella
  • Pancake stack
  • Paris
  • Pink
  • Pokémon
  • Rings
  • Roses
  • Strawberries
  • Syrup
  • Ukulele
  • Valentine’s Day

Hopefully the list above has sparked an idea for your February bujo theme!

List of February Bullet Journal Ideas

Even if you’ve decided your February bujo theme, there are some really unique bullet journal spreads you can include for February.

Check out these unique February bullet journal spread ideas:

  • Love letters and notes: Create a page of love letters or notes filled with messages to yourself or to your loved ones. You can write one big letter, or draw lots of small boxes to create love letters throughout the month. 
  • Jar of hearts: Draw a jar filled with hearts. You can use it as a mood tracker, write little messages on each heart, etc. 
  • Mood tracker: Create a love themed mood tracker for the month. You can draw 28 roses and colour each one in different colours to track your mood each day, or create a large gem heart and add different colours to a section of the heart each day to represent different emotions, etc. 
  • Love themed Doodle Page: Create a page of different Valentine’s themed doodles (flowers, candy, hearts, etc). 
  • Hearts: Add hearts to any of your pages to make it love themed! You can draw them on, or stick cute heart stickers all over your pages. 
  • Flowers: Include flowers in your spreads to add a bit of colour. You could even press actual flowers (either ones you pick yourself, or if you’re given any as a gift!) and include them in your spreads. 
  • Roses: Draw or stick roses on your pages to create a romantic and elegant look. You can use different shades of red and pink to add variety.
  • Cupid: Illustrate cupid, the Roman god of love, on your pages. You can add hearts as arrows to symbolise his love-filled mission.
  • Love quotes: Write down some of your favourite love quotes or create a page of them. You could also use these quotes as decoration around your daily or weekly spreads, and spread the love.
  • My dream Valentine’s Day Spread: Create a page detailing your ideal Valentine’s Day. 
  • Valentine’s Day Gifts: Draw any Valentine’s Day gifts you would like to receive. 
  • Valentine’s Day Gift tracker: Create a spread to keep track of the gifts and plans you have for Valentine’s Day.
  • Love map: Draw a map of the world and mark the places you’ve been to with your loved one, or places you want to visit with them in the future.
  • Love bucket list: Create a list of things you want to do with your loved one or things that represent love to you. This could be anything from a picnic in the park to watching a romantic movie together. You could make this into a “23 things for 2023” spread, and list 23 things you would like to do together before the end of 2023. 
  • Music spread: Write lyrics from all your favourite love songs, or “our” songs you enjoy listening to with your loved one. 
  • Film Spread: Make a spread of different love films or romcoms you’d like to watch throughout Feb. 

February Bullet Journal Spread Inspiration

It’s always exciting to see bullet journal spreads in action.

Check out these February bullet journal theme ideas below:

Heart inspired February Bullet Journal Themes

February bullet journal heart drawing cover page
Credit to @postabori

Hearts can be an obvious choice for a February bullet journal theme, but this is such a unique take on it! 

Created by @postabori, this line drawing really captures the complexity of the human heart. 

Drawn in pen, the illustration really fills the page, and despite being drawn in just one colour, the shading helps to add depth and dimension to the image. 

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, and do your own takes on classic bullet journal themes. 

It is your bullet journal, after all! And it will help make your spreads special to you.

Love Letter February Bujo Ideas

Love letter themed February bujo double page spread
Credit to @heavensentjournal

Love letters are a sweet nod to Valentine’s Day. 

This February double page spread by @heavensentjournal is a beautiful example; the heart stamps are a really quirky touch!  

The use of gold and metallic colours help to add something special to the spread, and catch the light beautifully. 

You can use metallic colours such as gel pens, to help add some interesting accents to your bullet journal spreads.

Love Heart February Bujo Theme

Love hearts are such a cute idea for a February theme; the pastel colours are so sweet! 

Below is a beautiful Love heart inspired February spread:

Love heart February bullet journal spread
Credit to @the_warrior_home

Created by @the_warrior_home, the bright pastels really help to liven up the spread, and add a vivid splash of colour. 

They’re a nod to the classic colours for love heart sweets, but are a much brighter version; they really pop against the white background!  

Don’t be afraid to use bold and vibrant colours for your spreads. They will help to make your illustrations stand out.

Floral February Bullet Journal Spreads

Flowers are a classic bullet journal theme idea, but it’s always great to see different takes on it!

Flower February cover page
Credit to @__na.ja

I love this February cover page by @__na.ja – it’s so sweet! 

The different shades of red, pinks and purple work so well together, and add lots of warmth to the page.

This layout is a really good idea for a single bullet journal cover page; you can have the month header in the middle, and then imagery around the top and bottom of the page.

Self Love Bullet Journal Theme Inspo

Valentine’s Day is often thought of as a celebration for couples, but self love is a really great spin to put on it! 

Check out these beautiful February double page spreads inspired by self love below:

Self love Feb bullet journal theme - double page spread
Credit to @chalejustchale

Created by @chalejustchale, this spread gives real upbeat, 70s vibes.

The gradient colours around the edges create a cool border, and add plenty of colour around the centre of the pages.  

The font is also so important here; it really makes the spread, and ties it all together. 

Don’t think of the typography in your spreads as a last minute thing. They can actually be the main focus of your bujo spreads, and complete the whole theme! As it does here. 

Self love bullet journal theme for February
Credit to @willwa_com

This self love February spread by @willwa_com is so elegant. 

The style is very minimal and clean, yet the pages seem so full! 

I love the use of line illustration in bullet journal spreads; they don’t require as much time to create as if you were to add detailed shading, but still look amazing.  

The minimal use of colour also adds to the clean aesthetic. 

Sometimes your spreads won’t need much colour, and just a small section of colour is all that’s really needed, like the purple and pink added to the heart here.

Paris Themed Bullet Journal Spread

Black pen can certainly make your spreads bold and stand out. 

Paris bullet journal theme
Credit to @dotsandbeyond

But you can also turn down the contrast and use paler, more faded colours such as grey pens to create a subtler spread. 

The use of pastel pink and really pale colours creates a very delicate feel for this double page February spread by @dotsandbeyond. 

I also love the stamp effect that’s been created; it’s similar to when your passport is stamped travelling through the airport!

Beauty and the Beast Bullet Journal Cover

Beauty and the Beast Bullet Journal theme

This beauty and the beast themed February cover page is inspired by the stained glass window. 

Thick black pen has been used alongside vibrant colours to further recreate that stained glass effect. 

The theme is beauty and the beast, but a stained glass window is a great theme idea, as nearly any design can be drawn in a stained glass effect! 

You just need to make sure your creation is 2D with no shading, and use a thick black pen to section off the image.

Random February Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

These February bujo themes didn’t fit into a specific category, but I wanted to include them anyway, as they’re so unique!

Waffle February Cover page
Credit to @ellenjournalss

I love this food inspired February cover page. 

Created by @ellenjournalss, the theme is waffles, strawberries, and blueberries.

It’s a great theme idea, as it can be carried throughout the different spreads for the month with just a few strawbs and blueberries drawn here and there! 

Ellen actually says her mom helped her come up with the theme. If you’re struggling to come up with a theme idea, see what your friends or family suggest, as they’re likely to come up with unique ideas you hadn’t thought of.

Heart themed February bullet journal cover page
Credit to @sandracherryhrt

This February cover page by @sandracherryhrt combines a number of different mediums. 

Sandra has used collaging, pen drawing, and watercolour together to create a really textured cover page with a lot of depth! 

Don’t be afraid to use a number of different mediums in your bullet journal to help add texture and depth to your spreads. 

It can also be useful if you want to speed up the process of filling your pages. 

Sticking things into your journal like stickers, paper, or washi tape is a quick way to cover large areas quickly, and watercolour can help you add colour to large areas of your spreads (just be careful your paper is thick enough for it!).

February bullet journal cover
Credit to @shams_bujo

The theme for this February cover page by @shams_bujo is “Reset • Restart • Refocus”. 

It’s such a unique idea, and combines a lot of elements that you wouldn’t necessarily put together, such as technology and nature. 

The page seems so full thanks to the layered illustrations and circles of colour filling the background, and the holographic flower stickers layered on top are a beautiful touch!

February Bullet Journal Theme Setups

Here are some February bullet journal setups I wanted to include in this post: 

I also wanted to give a shoutout to this free planner and organiser pack.

I particularly like the Weekly Overview Planner Insert, as it will likely help speed up your weekly spreads for February!

February Bullet Journal Theme Ideas Roundup – Final Thoughts

Has this roundup of different February bullet journal ideas been useful?

If it has, please let me know in the comments section below.

And I’m sure all the contributors will like to know you’ve found their February spreads a great source of inspiration!

Remember that no matter what theme you choose, the important thing is to make your bullet journal a reflection of what you love.

And to have fun with your bullet journal – it is yours, of course.

Happy journaling!

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