21 August theme ideas for your bullet journal

August BuJo Theme Ideas

August bujo theme ideas and summer journal inspiration

It’s August, which means the last month of Summer! 

Before you know it the summer holidays will be over, and back to school content will be everywhere. 

If you’re looking for some final summer bujo ideas for your August spread, read on.

August Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

Check out some cool August bullet journal theme ideas below: 

  • Anchor
  • BBQs
  • Beer
  • Beaches
  • Bike rides 
  • Bikinis
  • Boats 
  • Boat parties
  • Bubbles
  • Bucket and spade 
  • Cacti
  • Camp site
  • Clouds
  • Crabs 
  • Cucumber
  • Dresses 
  • Festivals
  • Flip flops 
  • Flowers 
  • Frisbee
  • Fruit
  • Grass
  • Hats 
  • Hikes 
  • Ice cream 
  • Iced drinks
  • Insects
  • Kayak
  • Kite
  • Lawn
  • Lemonade
  • Meadow
  • Mermaids 
  • Ocean
  • Paddleboard
  • Palm leaves
  • Parasol
  • Pineapples 
  • Postcards
  • Sand
  • Sandals 
  • Sandcastles 
  • Sea creatures
  • Seahorse
  • Shells
  • Shorts
  • Skirts
  • Starfish
  • Strawberries 
  • Sunny days 
  • Sunglasses 
  • Sunscreen 
  • Surfboard 
  • Swimwear 
  • Tropical 
  • T-Shirt
  • Watermelon 

August Bullet Journal Spread Inspiration

I find lists of bullet journal ideas helpful, but there’s nothing quite like seeing some theme ideas in action. 

So below is a roundup of some August bullet journal spreads from Instagram!

Nature inspired Bullet Journal Spreads

Nature is a great idea for a bullet journal theme for August. 

The sky is blue, the sun is shining bright, the grass is green and flowers are blooming. 

(Can you tell I love summer?!). 

Below are some amazing bullet journal spreads inspired by nature: 

August bullet journal cover page - desert illustration
Credit to @honeynfawn

What a beautiful illustration! 

Created by @honeynfawn, this drawing is a really unique, quirky concept. 

It’s perfect for August; it’s almost as if you can feel the heat of the desert when looking at it! 

If you’re someone who loves drawing, you can totally use a cover page as a space to be creatively free. 

A cover page can literally just have the title for the month in (like the above example), and then whatever you want to draw alongside it! 

Panda themed August bullet journal cover page
Credit to @valart.and.co

I love this Panda themed cover page by Valentina. 

Similar to the previous image, here is another example of a cover page for August that consists of the August header and a drawing. 

If you look through her other work on Instagram, Valentina is definitely a talented illustrator.

Her lettering is beautiful, and her drawings have a definitive style; she can really bring things to life!

So if you’re a creative person who loves to draw, a cover page for the month is the perfect place to show that off! 

Beachy Themed Bullet Journal Spread

August bullet journal beach themed spread
Credit to @fenella_paint

The beach is such a good idea for a summer bujo spread, and this is a perfect is example!

I love the way it’s split between the sand and the sea; there’s real attention to detail, with the border colour being split to match the background. 

This is an idea that would be easy to replicate, with shells, starfish, maybe even a beach umbrella on the sand at the top, and then lots of sea creatures in the ocean at the bottom of the pages!

Sea Themed Spread for Summer

Sea themed August bullet journal spread
Credit to @haven.journal

Above is a cool example of a sea themed spread for August. 

The layered border adds texture to the pages, and the use of space draws the eye to the center where the August header and fish drawings are. 

I also love the quote that’s included, which is “individually we are one drop, together we are an ocean”. 

It works so well with the theme! 

Floral Summer BuJo Spread for Summer

I love a floral theme for a summer bullet journal spread. 

Below are some beautiful floral bujo spreads:

Floral August bullet journal cover page with flower stickers
Credit to @mixesandcrafts

This floral themed cover page for August is so elegant! 

I love the use of stickers here; sometimes you mention stickers and bullet journal-ers are put off, because they can be tacky. 

But there are some really sophisticated ones out there (like the beautiful floral stickers used here!). 

So don’t be afraid to use stickers in your spread, as they can really help to make your spread look good (and also save time).

Sunflower Bullet Journal Themes

Sunflowers are a great flower to create a theme around for an August bullet journal spread. 

They’re so vibrant, and are certain to bring warmth to any summer layout! 

Here are some sunflower bullet journal spreads from Instagram:

August sunflower themed double page bullet journal spread
Credit to @liltamio

Above is a beautiful double page spread for August that uses lots of different theme ideas alongside sunflowers, including bees, bananas, and even Lilo & Stitch! 

If you’re not one for drawing, you can still create a stunning bullet journal spread; use stickers and washi tape in your spreads to create lots of texture, just like the spread pictured above. 

August bullet journal cover page - Sunflower themed page
Credit to @journal.with.grace

Here is another beautiful bullet journal spread inspired by sunflowers, but this time using mostly coloured pens.

Whereas in the previous spread the sunflowers were subtly mixed in with other theme ideas, this cover page is really all about sunflowers, no question!

They’re bold and beautiful, and create real summer vibes.  

A great idea for a cover page is to take your theme idea and draw it very large – it’s a simple way to really fill a page up.

Then if you have good colouring pens (you can see the best pens to add colour to a bullet journal spread here), you can colour these large drawings in; this will allow you to add plenty of colour to the page. 

Just make sure you have plenty of coloured pens to use!

Butterfly BuJo Theme

Butterfly August bujo spread
Credit to @nulsartsandcrafts

Butterflies make for such magical bullet journal spreads. 

The spread pictured above is no exception; mixed with the mushroom illustrations and details in the background, it creates a really mystical vibe! 

I also love the warm colour palette for the butterfly and flower. 

It’s important to consider the colours you are using when creating your bullet journal designs, as they can really add to the atmosphere of your spreads.

For an August bullet journal theme, it’s a great idea to use bright and warm colours; think sunshine yellow, vivid green grass, etc.

Luna moth themed bullet journal cover page for August
Credit to @inertia_cf

These aren’t exactly butterflies, but they’re so beautiful that they come pretty close! 

Above is an elegant August cover page inspired by Luna moths. 

Similar to previous examples, Maureen has created the cover page so it consists of just the “August” title for the month, and then has used the rest of the space to draw the beautiful Luna moths. 

Moths aren’t the obvious choice for a nature theme, but these are absolutely stunning! 

And help to establish a theme colour of green for any spreads for the rest of the month.

Succulent Bullet Journal Spread

I’m a bit of a crazy plant lady at heart, so I love a bullet journal theme that focuses on plants.

Check out this cool succulent inspired August cover page below:

August cover page image - minimal succulent themed illustration
Credit to @cloud._.doodles

It’s a great theme to carry on throughout the month as well, as you can draw different plants hanging in numerous ways (hanging in baskets, spilling over their containers, macrame, etc).  

I also enjoy the simplicity of this page. 

It’s a perfect example of if you don’t want to fill up the page, you don’t have to; the space around your creation is just as important!

Food Inspired BuJo Spread

Food themed mood and habit tracker for August (with stickers)
Credit to @therapy4emily

Here’s a super cute August mood and habit tracker inspired by food.  

The graph layout for the mood tracker is SUCH a good idea – I don’t know why more people don’t use this layout! 

It makes it so easy to see the ups and downs in mood once the tracker has been completed. 

Plus these dessert stickers are awesome!

Bicycle Bullet Journal Theme

Cycling is another cool bullet journal theme idea for August, as it’s the perfect weather for bike rides (even if it does get a little bit hot!)

Bike themed August bullet journal cover page
Credit to @jukebox_journal

Above is a beautiful bicycle themed cover page for August. 

It’s simple but super sweet, and is everything about it is summer; the sunny yellow, the cute flowers, etc. 

Themes that have a main focus and then smaller details allow you to decide which elements you carry through to the rest of the spreads for the month. 

For example, Julia has used both a bike illustration as the centerpiece of the page, and then also added little flower doodles and splashes of yellow around it. 

She can carry the theme throughout the rest of the August spreads by either drawing more cycling themed illustrations, or adding the flower doodles and hints of yellow if she wants to keep it simple!

Travel Bullet Journal August Spread

Plenty of people are enjoying summer vacations and going on holidays during August, so a travel inspired spreads is a great idea. 

Below is a stunning travel themed August cover page:

Nautical map cover page for August bullet journal
Credit to @fernbujo

This theme is described by the creator Abbey as “Nautical treasure map vibes”, which is spot on! 

I like the idea of using a map as part of a theme for a bujo spread.

To make it personal, you can draw a map outline of a place you are visiting if you’re going on holiday that month. For example, Abbey said she chose this theme idea as she was taking a journey by the sea that month, and moving to Wales (which is where I’m from!).

I like the use of blue to add to the sea idea. You can add colour to your map to add to that theme, such as a green map if you’re visiting the countryside.

Fruit Bullet Journal August Spread

I always like to include examples of fruity themes for summer spreads. 

Below is a cool citrus inspired spread:

Citrus fruit August bujo cover page image
Credit to @bujojordan

I’m a big fan of repeat patterns for themes, as they’re quite simple to create, but look awesome! 

You can also change up each repeat if you want to make it a bit more interesting. 

Like Jordan has done in the cover page above, you can add some colour and alternate the colour of each repeat, or you can add different patterns to each repeat, etc.

Ice Cream Bullet Journal Theme

You really can’t cover August bullet journal theme ideas without including ice cream! 

Below are some ice cream inspired spreads from Instagram:

Ice Cream double page spread for August bujo
Credit to @valovanity

This August double page spread by Julia is beautiful! 

It’s a really sophisticated take on an ice cream inspired spread; I love the subtle shades of orange and brown used.  

Julia mentions the ice cream included is a creamsicle, which is not actually something I’d heard of!

As it’s not a common treat in the UK.

Ice Cream double page August spread
Credit to @_bujoandmore_

Above is another example of an ice cream spread for August. 

The colour palette is beautiful, and works beautifully with the different ice cream doodles. 

I also love the quote on the left page. It’s a fun way to start off the spread! 

Including a quote is a great idea if you’re creating a double page spread for the start of the month. 

Same as Anna has done here, you can put a quote on one page, and the month header with an illustration on the other page.

Kite Bullet Journal Spread

August Kite Cover Page for August
Credit to @ok.bujo

This kite inspired August cover page is really sweet. 

It’s quite a simple design, with just line drawings of kites and a bit of colour, but the way the kites are drawn makes real good use of the space; they really fill the page! 

The theme design is very clear, and the kite drawings will definitely feature through the spreads for the rest of the month.

Minimalist August Spread

Minimalist August bujo cover page
Credit to @sunsetti.studios

People think your spreads need to be big, bold designs, with the more going on the better. 

But your spreads really don’t need to be complicated to look good.

This minimalistic August cover page by Hallie is subtle and sweet. 

There’s some quirky lettering for the August header, some line drawing, a bit of colour… and that’s all it really needs to look completed!  

So don’t think you need to keep adding more and filling the page for your designs; sometimes less is more.

Mythical Bullet Journal Theme

Double page mythical bullet journal spread
Credit to @mystic_splash20

I am OBSESSED with this mythical August spread by Asba. 

The colours, the quote, the mushroom houses; everything about it is amazing. 

I also like the inclusion of a vertical dutch door.

A dutch door is when you cut down some of the page in a spread, like Asba has done here by cutting around the mushroom drawing on the right page. 

This is an easy way to add a little something extra to your double page spreads! 

You can also check out Asba’s Youtube channel here: https://youtube.com/channel/UCYolPcHlcA8H5F9SoP-DneA

Random Bullet Journal August Theme Ideas

Below are some awesome bullet journal spreads for August. 

They have their own stand alone category, as they’re so unique!

Mean Girls bullet journal spread
Credit to @roshi_san

This Mean Girls inspired spread is so much fun! 

Created by Roshisan, this theme is instantly recognisable; as soon as I saw this I knew it was Mean Girls (before I even read the quote). 

Movie inspired themes are a brilliant idea for a bullet journal theme, as they give you so much to work with. 

You can take visuals from the movie, and draw iconic scenes, characters, or even just a colour palette.

Quotes from the film can also be used, or lyrics from your favourite songs (whether it’s a musical, or just has a great soundtrack!). 

I really recommend visiting Roshisan’s Instagram profile and looking through her Mean Girls bullet journal spreads. The bunny ears mood tracker is awesome! 

Credit to @x_anya.journals_x

This Tokyo inspired illustration by Anya is beautiful. 

The colour palette is subtle, but helps bring the drawing to life, and the little details are perfect; the lettering for the August header is so well done. 

If you’re artistic and like to draw (like Anya), I recommend thinking of a design for your monthly cover page that incorporates the monthly header into the drawing somehow. 

It means you can have a whole page just to draw in (and keep the tracker stuff for the rest of the spreads).

August Bullet Journal Themes Roundup

Now we’re at the end of this post, a massive thank you to all the creators who contributed their work to help inspire others! 

And if you were reading this post looking for August theme ideas, I hope you now have plenty of ideas. 

(In fact, you should have enough for many summers to come!)

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