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March Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

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It’s March – AKA, the start of Spring.

The days are getting longer and the weather is starting to warm up. Plants that were dormant throughout winter start to grow, flowers bloom, and there are lambs everywhere! 

It’s a time of transition and growth.

It’s also time for a change in your bullet journal theme! 

Whether you want to use your bullet journal this March to plan your spring cleaning schedule, or just want to add some spring colour to your bullet journal spreads, this post is all about bullet journal ideas for March (to help you start your spring spreads off strong).

World Events in March

A good idea for a monthly bullet journal theme is to base the theme on an event that happens in the month. 

Below are different events that take place in March, celebrated across the word: 

  • World Book Day takes place in the first week of March (Thursday March 2nd in 2023). 
  • World Wildlife Day is celebrated on March 3rd. 
  • International Women’s Day is a day that celebrates the achievements of women and promotes gender equality, and is celebrated on March 8th.
  • St Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March 17th. 
  • Spring Equinox takes place on March 20th each year. 
  • Ramadan is expected to begin on Wednesday 22 March in 2023.
  • Mother’s Day in the UK is celebrated on a Sunday in March. 
  • Cherry blossom season in Japan takes place from late March to April. 

Hopefully these March occasions are helpful when thinking of a bullet journal theme!

March Bullet Journal Theme – List of Ideas

It’s also helpful to see a list of different theme ideas for your bullet journal (either to use for this March, or to inspire your future spreads). 

Below are some different theme ideas you can use for for March bullet journal spreads: 

  • Ant 
  • Books
  • Caterpillar
  • Cherry blossoms
  • Clouds
  • Coins
  • Daffodils
  • Daisies
  • Flowers
  • Four leaf clover
  • Garden
  • Gnome
  • Green
  • Horseshoe
  • Insects
  • Kite
  • Ladybug 
  • Leprechauns
  • Literary characters
  • Lucky charms
  • Nest
  • Pastels
  • Pot of gold
  • Rainbow
  • Shamrocks
  • Tulips

Hopefully this list of bullet journal ideas for March has helped inspire your March theme! 

March BuJo Spreads to try

Below are some different pages and spread ideas you can include in your March section of your bullet journal.

Spring Cleaning BuJo Pages

March is a good time to start taking your spring cleaning seriously, and your bullet journal is the perfect place to help you! 

You can track what needs to be cleaned and more in spreads dedicated to spring cleaning.

Below are some bullet journal spread ideas for spring cleaning 

  • Cleaning checklist by room page: dedicate a page for creating a list of cleaning tasks to be done around your home, and group them into categories such as “Kitchen,” “Bathroom,” “Bedroom,” etc. you could even draw a floor plan of your house, and and write the tasks into each room! And then tick them off/ cross them out as you complete each task
  • Cleaning schedule spread: create a list of cleaning tasks you will complete throughout March. You can group them as daily activities, weekly cleaning tasks, every other week, or things you need to do just once in the month. 
  • Weekly Cleaning Schedule: After you’ve listed your list of cleaning tasks you need to do in March, assign them to specific days of the week and create a cleaning schedule. You can either write the tasks into your already created weekly spreads, or create a separate spread just to track your cleaning tasks in a weekly format. 
  • Cleaning Supplies doodle page: Keep track of cleaning supplies you need to purchase by doodling them into a cleaning products doodle page. Products can include sponges, antibac wipes, rubbish bags, bin liners, etc, and you can add colour to them once you’ve bought the products. 
  • A month of cleaning page: list the cleaning tasks you need to do against a calendar for the month, and mark each day that you complete that task. 
  • Cleaning hacks: keep a page of any helpful cleaning tips or tricks you discover to refer back to!  

St. Patrick’s Day Bullet Journal Ideas

St. Patrick’s Day is a widely celebrated event that occurs in March, and you can use it for various bullet journal spreads. 

Check out these different St. Patrick’s Day bujo spreads: 

  • St.Patrick’s Day doodle page: create a page of doodles inspired by St. Patrick’s Day and symbols of luck, such as four-leaf clovers, horseshoes, coins, and other lucky charms. 
  • “Pot of Gold” savings tracker: if you create a monthly savings tracker in your bullet journal, make it inspired by St Patricks day for March! You can draw a pot of gold and slowly add colour to fill it up as you reach your saving goal, or draw coins out and colour them in each time you save a set amount. You could also add a rainbow coming from the pot of gold, and colour in the rainbow once you reach your saving gold! 
  • St.Patrick’s Day mood tracker: create your mood tracker for the month with symbols inspired by St Patrick’s Day. You can either draw one large symbol and split it into 31 different sections to represent each day, e.g a large hat and add different shades of green to represent different moods, or you can repeat pattern symbols to represent each day, like 31 horseshoes or clovers (and you can make 1 clover a lucky four leaf clover for good luck!).

Pastel Bullet Journal Ideas

Pastels are a great colour scheme to incorporate for Spring spreads. 

Here are some pastel bullet journal themes: 

  • Create floral themed spreads, such as daisies, tulips, daffodils, and more, and use pastel shades to add colours to your flowers. 
  • You can use soft pinks or blues to create a pastel coloured sky theme, be it a sunrise or sunset sky. You could also use pastel pinks, yellows, or oranges for clouds. 
  • Keeping in line with nature, you could create an under the sea theme, and use pastel blues for the ocean, and pastel shades of green, reds and oranges for the coral and sea creatures. 
  • Cherry blossom season in Japan usually takes place between late March to April. Yo

Spring Bullet Journal Pages and Spreads

  • Spring plan and activities spread: Create a spread full of things you want to do during the Spring season, like an Easter egg hunt, feeding lambs, growing plants, or going on a hike. 
  • Floral page: Create a spread to draw all the different flowers you come across throughout March. 
  • Gardening journal: You could create a spread dedicated to your gardening plans. You can track the dates you plant, watering your plants, and how much your plants grow throughout Spring. 
  • Spring inspired how-to-doodle page: A page showing how to draw different Spring related doodles step by step
  • Spring Mood Tracker: Draw different Spring themed doodles, such as flowers or insects, and use each one to represent a date in March. Add different colours to each one to track your mood that day. 
  • Springtime Quotes: Create a quote page to note down different quotes about spring. 

March Bullet Journal Spread Inspo

There are plenty of March bullet journal ideas above, but now it’s time to see some themes! 

Below are some beautiful bullet journal spreads for March, taken from Instagram:

Nature inspired March Bullet Journal Themes

Credit to @ancsibiro11

This bee themed double page spread for March by Bíró Ancsi is so sweet! 

The bright yellows used for the bees and the honey add plenty of colour to the page, and make the spread perfect for spring. 

The yellows contrast really well against the black outlines and details, and really make the page pop.

The combination of the various fonts for the quote on the left helps to make the quote page even more exciting. This is something you can replicate with other quotes, by writing different keywords from the quote in a contrasting font style .

Plant Bullet Journal Theme for March

Plant themed bullet journal double page spread for March
Credit to @selmasbullet

Plants are a great theme idea for March, and this plant inspired cover spread by Selma is a great example! 

Potted plants are a good doodle idea if you like to have variety in your spreads, as there are so many different types of potted plants to choose from! Like succulents, flowers, cacti, etc. 

And then you can also mix up the designs of the pots the plants are in to make a really unique spread! Such as using different colours and patterns on the pots, having some hanging, some as terrariums, etc. 

I also love how the plant drawings are framed; on the right page the boxes containing each drawing are evenly spread, but on the left page, the boxes that contain the hanging plants are layered on top of each other. 

It creates a nice contrast between the neat potted plants on the right hand side, and the wild hanging plants on the left! 

This layout of boxes containing doodles can be replicated for other themes too; just start by drawing different boxes as borders, and then you can doodle your theme images inside each one! And it’s a great option for people who like to plan their spreads out first, as the borders allow you to clearly see how your drawings will be spaced out.

Green March bullet journal cover page
Credit to @_sophsbujo

This double page spread for March is so fun! 

Created by Sophsbujo, it uses so many unique shapes and patterns to create a quirky vibe. 

Green is the theme colour, which is perfect for a March spread as it could be a hint to St Patrick’s Day, or just the greenery of Spring! 

I also love the use of various shades of green throughout this. 

You might think that using numerous shades of one colour in a bujo spread would clash, but it can actually work really well, as you can see here!

Just make sure to use plenty of different shades to really nail it; you can also pair light and dark shades wherever possible to add more depth.  

Minimal plant themed March bujo cover page
Credit to @jess.journals.n.letters

This minimalist plant inspired March cover page is so simple, yet elegant and fun.  

If you prefer a clean spread, your monthly cover page doesn’t need to have much; all it really needs is the header for the month to show what month is starting. But you can add a few minimal elements, such as a calendar and some minimal doodles here and there. 

There are so many ways you could continue this plant theme throughout the month; you could continue the vine effect as a border for other pages, or draw boxes for content that are outlined by the plants. Or if you’d prefer to keep it simple, you could just a few leaf doodles here and there!

Plant themed March cover page
Credit to @mira_culousbujo

The colours you use in your spreads can really change the vibe of the page, as this plant themed cover page shows! 

The pastel pink and different shades of green are classic spring colours, and really add to the nature vibe. 

It’s interesting to think how this spread would look in other colours; a darker/ hot pink paired with yellows and bright blues would create a summery vibe, whereas oranges and reds paired with yellow would be very Autumn. 

So be sure to think about how the colours can reflect your theme of choice, and how well they suit the month! 

I also love how the layering of the different colours, shapes, and line drawings, really fills the page. The shapes even cut into the border at different points, which further adds to that layered effect! 

Layering colours and line drawings is a simple but fun way to quickly fill up the white of the page. 

This method also allows for lots of control, as you can gradually layer up the design, and just decide to stop adding once you feel the pages are full enough.

Floral inspired March Bullet Journal Themes

March bullet journal double page spread
Credit to

This double page March spread has total Spring vibes! 

The background pattern immediately fills the pages, and makes you forget they were ever blank (and also has a similar look to a picnic blanket!).   

The checked pattern against the solid colour of the textured brown paper and washi tape make the page pop. 

If you want your pages to be bold and colourful, try  creating a pattern for the background to start. You can draw a repeat pattern that only requires adding colour to parts of the background, not all of it, such as a checked pattern like above, stripes, zigzags, etc. You could even create the background pattern by using stickers, coloured paper, or washi tape, if you don’t like drawing. 

Then once your background is full, stick details on top. This will make your pages seem full and colourful, without having to do lots of detailed drawing.

March floral double page bujo spread
Credit to @jaclyns.journal

This is such a chic floral double page spread for March.  

A repeat pattern is a good way to fill up white space quickly and easily; you just decide on the design, and then repeat it multiple times. However, it can be difficult to get each repeat looking exactly the same, especially if your design to repeat is very intricate. It can also be difficult to get the spacing completely even. 

This version of a repeat pattern with slightly different versions is therefore a great middle ground; the pages are full and colourful, but are not constrained to looking exactly the same! And works particularly well in this instance, as the flowers can be so unique and grow differently. 

The unusual shades used for the flowers such as navy for the leaves also adds a unique touch! 

March floral bullet journal cover page
Credit to @yvette.f.settle

This March cover page is so bold and beautiful! 

The 3D effect for the leaves and flowers is amazing; it makes it seem as though the header and surrounding flowers are full of life, and almost bursting out the centre of the page.  

You can replicate this and create a 3D look for your pages simply by drawing your designs on another piece of paper, cutting them out, and sticking them into your spreads. You can also add shading to the cut out drawings to further add to the 3D effect. 

Just be careful not to layer too many, as it might make your bullet journal hard to close!

March floral bujo cover page
Credit to @yoonay_0

Whilst bold, larger than life spreads are exciting, sometimes all you need is a minimal design for your cover pages.

This minimalist floral March cover page is so elegant. 

It has the month header, a calendar, and pretty flower drawing. And that’s really all it needs! 

This layout can easily be replicated for different months throughout the year, if you like your cover pages to be minimal and consistent. 

I also like the accents of purple and green; they compliment the minimal style well, and add colour without overpowering the page at all. 

The intensity of the colours you use for your spreads can really change the mood of them. Using intense, vibrant colours will make the page pop, whereas pastels will create a gentler tone.

St Patrick’s Day March Bullet Journal Pages

St. Patrick's Day bullet journal theme
Credit to @tonje_bujo

This is a really fun St Patrick’s Day spread! 

The theme colour throughout the other March spreads in this bullet journal (go check them out on Instagram) is green, as it’s a classic St. Patrick’s Day colour. 

But the cover pages use all the colours of the rainbow! 

The rainbow and patterned washi tape used around the edges of the pages add even more colour and texture to the spread. 

The layout for this double page spread of a quote on one side, and the header for the month with a doodle on the other page is a great layout that can be replicated easily for other months of the year.

Lucky clover bullet journal theme
Credit to @kelly_palette0430

Four leaf clovers are so whimsical, and this lucky clover theme is the perfect subtle nod to St Patrick’s Day in March!

The drawing is so intricate and detailed, with the tiny dots around the clovers for an extra magical touch. 

This is a great doodle for a cover page, as it can easily be carried over to other spreads throughout the month. All you’d need to do is add small clover doodles here and there to stay on theme! 

The use of two different shades of green also helps keep the page colourful and exciting

Lucky charms March bullet journal theme
Credit to @missalinaballerina

What a vibrant spread! 

This colourful lucky charms themed March cover page is so much fun.  

Lucky charms is such a cool theme idea; it’s instantly recognisable, as lucky charms are such an iconic brand.

When creating your cover page for the month, it’s good to consider how it will relate to your other spreads. This lucky charms theme has plenty of colours and shapes to work with for other spreads throughout March. 

You could create a lucky charms mood tracker, and draw a charm for each day of the month. Or add little lucky charms around your weekly spreads, etc.

Studio Ghibli Bullet Journal Theme

My Neighbour Totoro bullet journal theme
Credit to @cocorummie

This My Neighbour Totoro spread is so cute! 

I love the idea of taking an iconic character, but drawing them in a slightly different style; it makes for a really unique spread. 

This Totoro drawing done in a really cute style is a great example. 

You could try and recreate this, and take other well known characters, and draw them in a different style. A cute style is a great one, as it only takes a few tweaks of facial features to make a character look cute (such as larger eyes, a shorter face, etc). 

I also love the bold greens and reds used for the grass as mushrooms, as the colours and nature elements are a great idea for a spring theme. 

The sparkle details around Totoro also add a magical touch!

March Bujo Theme Ideas Roundup

I hope seeing all these March bujo setups have left you feeling inspired. 

And with plenty of ideas for what you can create for your bullet journal this March. 

A massive thank you to everyone who contributed their March setups to this post – it’s amazing to see all the different spreads for the same month together!

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