Best December Bullet Journal Spread Ideas

December Bullet Journal Themes and Ideas

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Can you believe it’s the last month of the year already? 

December means it’s time to get Christmassy and create your festive spreads. 

(It also means you need to get a move on with your Christmas shopping, if you haven’t already!)

There are so many Christmas ideas you can base your spreads on… but if you’re getting a bit overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, you can begin by checking out this list of December bullet journal themes!

List of December Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

Here is a list of different bullet journal theme ideas for December. 

And of course, remember that Christmas is kinda a big deal! 

So lots of them are Christmas inspired:

  • Candles
  • Carols
  • Christmas Jumpers
  • Christmas songs
  • Christmas stockings
  • Fairy lights
  • Father Christmas
  • Fir tree
  • Gifts
  • Icicles
  • Mulled Wine
  • Presents
  • Reindeer
  • Santa hats
  • Snow
  • Snowflakes
  • Snowman

December Bullet Journal Spread Inspiration

Below are some amazing bullet journal themes for December, found on Instagram.

Christmas Jumpers Bullet Journal Themes

December bullet journal theme - Cozy jumpers
Credit to @smujo.bujo

What a cute December spread!

Repeat patterns are a great idea for a double page spread, as you can repeat your doodle as many (or as little) times as you’d like across your pages.

Then you can keep your repeats identical if you want to keep your patterns consistent, or you can get creative with the different versions for each repeat.

These cozy sweaters are each decorated uniquely, and the combination of different colours and patterns makes the spread so lively and fun!

Christmas Doodle December Bujo Spreads

December bullet journal Christmas doodles cover page
Credit to @haleylovesrainbowz

I always love a doodle inspired theme, and December is the perfect month to create one, because there are so many Christmassy doodles to choose from! 

This December cover page is a perfect example, as there are so many different Christmas doodles included; the snowman, the stocking, the candy cane, the snow globe… The list goes on! 

I also love the use of colour; don’t feel you have to add colour to all your imagery, as you can just add colour here and there, like Hayley has done with the red to add pops of colour to the page. 

December bullet journal gingerbread and candycanes
Credit to @chrys4lismm

This is a really sweet double page spread for December. 

I love the use of Christmas doodles dotted about the spread. 

A doodle spread is a great idea for anyone who just likes to draw freely for their spreads. 

And there are so many different Christmas related doodles; you can just fill the pages with all the Christmassy doodles you want! 

The quote on the right page, which reads “The holidays are what you make them” is also a fun touch.

Nature Inspired December Bullet Journal Themes

December bujo Christmas trees spread
Credit to @eleisjournaling

People hear December and instantly think of bright Christmassy colours. 

But a December spread with minimal colour is a really unique idea! 

This spread by Eleonore is a beautiful example; it has such a cold, wintery vibe.

Not using colour doesn’t have to mean that your spread is black and white with no detail either.

The varying shades of grey used for the trees really helps to layer the image and create depth. 

The darker shade of grey for the “December” header really makes it stand out on the page too! 

Floral Bullet Journal Theme for December

Poinsettia December bujo double page spread
Credit to @maritime.bujo

Flowers aren’t an obvious choice for a winter bullet journal spread. 

But a poinsettia theme for December is a great idea, as it’s a flower that’s often associated with Christmas. 

The spread above is a beautiful example; the flower is so large and spreads across the double page, creating a real statement. 

The red poinsettia flower itself is vibrant, and it’s a great theme idea if you want to add a bit of colour to your winter bujo spreads.

Wreath December Bujo Theme

Christmas wreath doodle December page
Credit to @nenodimir

If you’re creating a Christmas inspired spread for your December page, there are of course classic Christmas colours that spring to mind; gold, green, and red are a good example. 

However, if you want to add more colour but keep to that Christmas colour theme, you can use multiple shades of a single colour to add depth to your imagery. 

This wreath themed spread uses a number of shades of green, from light green to a deep emerald green, and rather than the shades clashing they actually compliment each other. 

The background leaves drawn in fineliner are a beautiful detail that help to add layers to the image, but without making the page seem too full. 

December wreath bujo page
Credit to

This is another Christmas wreath inspired spread for December (with some poinsettia flowers for extra Christmas points!). 

I like the simplicity of this illustration, as its minimal style allows the December header to really pop. 

A cute idea for a wreath is to draw doodles in a circle with a gap in the middle, to imply the wreath shape.  

That way you can turn any of your Christmas doodles into a Christmassy wreath!

Gingerbread man wreath anyone?

Christmas Tree Themed December Spreads

Christmas tree December bullet journal spread
Credit to @b.bulletjournal

This is another beautiful example of a repeat pattern December bujo spread. 

Christmas trees are a great idea for a December theme, as the vibrant green will add some life to your bullet journal in winter! 

And you can create some really cute patterns on your trees. 

I also love the smaller details of the mistletoe and sparkles, which help to fill the remaining white space.

Christmas tree car December bullet journal page
Credit to @paws.and.paper

Rather than the usual decorated tree, this fir tree in its initial stage of being driven home is a cool idea for a December bullet journal spread. 

Brown paper has also been layered on the page, and helps the illustration on the white paper stand out. 

The quote at the bottom is also a really nice touch!

Typography Themed December Spreads

The text in your spread doesn’t have to be plain.

In fact, it can be the main focus of it! 

Below are some stunning typography focused December bujo spreads;

December typography double page spread
Credit to @cottage_lily_creations_

This is such a bold spread! 

Don’t be afraid to go all out with your designs, and really fill the page with your December header if you want to make a statement.

In this example, the typography goes right up to the edge of the page on both sides; it’s almost as though it can’t be contained in the journal!  

I also love the use of deep red for a Christmassy feel, and the grey shadows add a 3D effect, making the header seem to jump out the page at you. 

December header bullet journal page in black, red and silver
Credit to @thegirlwithinfinitethoughts

This is another beautiful typography based spread for December. 

Colour is a great way to make your text stand out, as you can use vibrant but contrasting colours to really make a statement.

The colour in the example above has been layered really well, as the black outline of the text against the white background really makes the letters pop!

And the bright red and layered with silver on top adds a Christmassy vibe to the page.

Cartoon Inspired Bullet Journal Spreads

Snoopy themed December bujo spread
Credit to @do_it_toi_meme

This is such a sweet December bullet journal spread! 

The iconic Snoopy illustration style is recreated very well, and despite it being simple, the block colours and font together with the imagery make the spread really vibrant.  

There are lots of Christmas illustration styles you can recreate in your spreads.

The Snowman film, the Grinch illustrations, Rankin/Bass Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer… The list goes on!

December Bullet Journal Theme Ideas Roundup

I hope this roundup of December bullet journal themes has been helpful. 

It’s so exciting seeing all the different festive themes in action!

And perhaps have inspired you for your own December bullet journal spreads.

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