How to Draw a Christmas Ornament

Easy Christmas Ornament Drawing Tutorial

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A Christmas ornament is a great doodle to learn how to draw.

They really help to liven up your designs, as they can be so bold and colourful!

Plus, there are loads of different types to choose from; baubles, snow globes, different hanging ornaments for the Christmas tree… The list goes on.

This post will show you how to draw a simple Christmas bauble.

It’s been designed with beginners in mind, so the steps are simple and easy to follow along with.

It also shows you some different pattern designs for your bauble, to help make it colourful and exciting.

So read on to learn how to create a Christmas ornament doodle!

Christmas Ornament Bullet Journal Ideas

Before learning how to draw a Christmas ornament, here are some ideas for including one in your bullet journal: 

  • Christmas ornament cover page design; it can be a large Christmas ornament, or a combination of different baubles.
  • A colouring page of a large Christmas bauble (or lots of small Christmas ornaments).  
  • As doodles in your December weekly spreads
  • To draw on Christmas tree doodles
  • On a doodles page filled with different Christmas related doodles
  • Habit or Mood Christmas ornament Tracker. You can draw 31 Christmas ornaments on a page as a mood tracker for December, and use different colours for different moods.
  • Alongside quotes about Christmas, or on a dedicated quote page.

I hope these Christmas ornament bujo ideas are helpful! 

Now let’s learn how to doodle a Christmas ornament.

Equipment You Will Need to Draw a Christmas Ornament

Here is a list of what you need to draw a Christmas decoration:

  1. Something to draw on; this can be paper, a notebook, a bullet journal, etc. 
  2. A pencil to plan the shape of your ornament. 
  3. Something to help draw a circle; this can be something small and circular to draw a circle around, or a compass to draw a circle. 
  4. An eraser to rub out the pencil markings. 
  5. A fineliner pen (black is suggested, but you can use any colour)
  6. Colours if you want to add colour to your ornaments; these can be coloured pencils, markers, crayons… whatever you like to use! Just make sure your paper is thick enough if you’re using any material that is quite water-y, such as watercolour paint. 

These are all the tools you will need to draw a Christmas ornament.

How to Draw a Christmas Ornament – Step by Step

Below is a step by step tutorial on how to draw a Christmas ornament: 

Step 1: Draw two circles; a large circle (which will be the outline of your actual bauble), and a much smaller circle on the top on the big circle (which will be a look where the thread goes through). You can draw these in pencil and then go over them with a fineliner pen, or go straight to using a fineliner pen if you wish. 

How to draw a Christmas Ornament step 1 - draw 2 circles

Step 2: Using a fineliner, draw some stripes horizontally across the circle. Give them a slight bend in the center to add to the curved shape of the bauble. You can add as many lines as you line, depending on how much detail you want on your Christmas ornament. However, it’s recommended not to make the stripes too thin, to make sure you have enough space to add decorative details into the space (here there have been 4 lines added to make 5 sections to add details to). 

Christmas bauble step 2 - Add stripes

Step 3: If you want to add details to your Christmas decoration, draw some into the sections. You can use whatever pattern you’d like, and leave some spaces blank (like the top and bottom, as these are very small). You can also repeat patterns; it’s recommended not to repeat patterns in sections that are directly next to each other however. Remember to add some black detail to the circle on the top, including thickening it up, to make it more realistic. 

Christmas ornament doodle step 3 - add details

Step 4: Add some colour to your design. Use lots of different colours to make your Christmas bauble fun and exciting! 

Christmas decoration drawing step 4 - add colour

Here is a pictorial showing step by step how to draw a Christmas Ornament:

Christmas ornament drawing pictorial

Easy Christmas Ornament Doodle Tutorial – Final Thoughts

I hope this post has helped you to draw a Christmas ornament.

It really is a simple drawing to create, but the details and colours help to make it look really magical!

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