How to draw a dandelion step by step

How to draw a dandelion step by step tutorial

How to draw a dandelion flower for beginners

Flowers make some of the prettiest drawings.

(They are also some of the easiest doodles!)

Whether you want to learn how to draw, or your looking for doodle ideas for your bullet journal, dandelions are a great flower to draw.

Read on to learn all about dandelions, and how to draw them!

What is the symbolic meaning of a dandelion?

A dandelion is a cute doodle idea for your bullet journal due to its symbolic meaning.

The dandelion is said to be a symbol of hope, happiness, joy, and love.

Many people make a wish on the seeds as they fly away into the sky, so they are also quite whimsical flowers.

Dandelion bullet journal ideas

If you are looking for bullet journal doodle ideas, a dandelion flower is a great idea!

Not only because of its symbolic meaning, but also because there are plenty of ways you can include it in your bullet journal.

Here are some great ideas for adding dandelions into your bullet journal spreads:

  • Travel and adventure spreads. As dandelion seeds travel far and wide in the wind, they are often a symbol of travel. If you have travel ideas or vacation spreads in your bullet journal, dandelion doodles are a good addition to these.
  • Spring and summer spreads. Monthly spreads often include themes for that specific month; a dandelion is often associated with spring and summer, as that’s when they bloom, so you can create a dandelion theme for a spring or summer monthly spread. 
  • Goals spread. As people often make a wish before blowing dandelions, including dandelion drawings in your goal pages is a great way to show you are wishing for your goals to be met.
  • Include in your journal with a quote about strength. Despite being considered as weeds, dandelions are perennial flowers that return every year. You can include a dandelion doodle in your bullet journal to symbolize strength.

So now you have some ideas for adding a dandelion drawing into your bullet journal, here is how to draw a dandelion.

How to draw a dandelion – easy for beginners

Dandelion drawing supplies

First, you need to make sure you have the right drawing supplies.

Check out what you need for a flower doodle below:

  1. Paper, sketchbook or a bullet journal to draw your dandelion on
  2. A Pencil
  3. An Eraser
  4. Drawing pens. You will need both a thin pen like a fineliner, and a thick nib pen in whatever colour you want your dandelion to be (I suggest black, but of course you can use other colours!)
  5. Colours (if you want to colour it in)
  6. Something circular to draw around, like a coin or tin depending on how big you want your drawing to be.

How to draw a dandelion step by step

Step 1. Take the circular object, and place it on the paper. Draw around the circular object using the pencil. Make sure to press lightly with the pencil, as we will be erasing this circle later.

How to draw a dandelion Step 1 - draw a pencil circle

Step 2. Draw a thick black dot in the center of the pencil circle using the thick pen.

Step 2 - draw a dot in the center of the circle

Step 3. Using the thick nib pen, draw a line down from the dot in the center of the circle to create a stem. Make the line slightly wavy to give the stem slight bends, or keep it straight if you want a more rigid stem for your dandelion.

How to draw a dandelion Step 3 - draw a line down from the center
Step 4. Now to add the seeds on the head of the flower, using the fine point pen, draw thin lines from the back dot in the center out towards the pencil line. Make the lines as long as you want; some can go over the pencil line, whilst others don’t have to meet it.
How to draw a dandelion Step 4 - draw lines from the center outwards
Step 5. Now it’s time to fill in the dandelion head. Draw small straight lines either side of the lines you drew in the last step in a V shape, at the very tip.
How to draw a dandelion Step 5 - Add small lines in a V shape around the end of each line
Step 6. Then add small dots at the end of each line.
 Dandelion doodle step 6 - Add small dots to the end of each line
Step 7. To finish, erase the pencil circle, and add some more thickness to the dot in the center.
Step 7 - Draw the dot in the center thicker and rub out the pencil
And that’s your dandelion!

Below is how to draw a dandelion tutorial using the visuals in each step:

Dandelion step by step drawing

How to draw a blowing dandelion

To make the dandelion appear to be blowing;

  1. Follow the initial steps, but this time draw the stem so the top of the line bends at a slight angle. This will make the dandelion stem look as though it is bending in the wind. 
  2. Ddraw slightly more short lines that don’t quite reach the outer pencil circle. This will make it seem as though the dandelion has lost a lot of its seeds in the wind. 
  3. Follow the initial instructions, but to finish, draw some individual seeds in the air, blowing away from the dandelion. Make sure the seeds are to the side of the dandelion, and are coming away from the dandelion in the same direction the dandelion stem is bending. This will make it clear the seeds are blowing away in the wind in the same direction the dandelion is blowing.

Here I have followed some of the steps mentioned above, to draw a dandelion blowing in the wind:

Dandelion blowing in the wind

Dandelion drawing tutorial – final thoughts

I hope this post has shown you how easy it is to draw a dandelion doodle!

Hopefully, it will help you draw beautiful flower doodles!

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