How to Draw a Santa Hat

Easy Santa Hat Drawing Tutorial

Santa Hat drawing featured image

A Santa hat is a simple Christmas doodle to draw.

Below is a full tutorial on how to draw a Santa Claus hat in a few simple steps.

It’s easy to follow along with, as it’s aimed at beginners!

Santa Hat Bullet Journal Ideas

Before learning how to draw a Santa hat, here are some ideas for including one in your bullet journal: 

  • Santa hat cover page.
  • Doodles in your December weekly spreads
  • On a Christmas doodles page
  • Habit or Mood Tracker. You can create trackers, and include Santa hat doodles in your designs; e.g you can draw 31 Santa hat on a page for a mood tracker for December, and add different colours for different moods.
  • Alongside quotes about Christmas, or on a dedicated quote page.

I hope these Santa hat bujo ideas are helpful! 

Now let’s learn how to doodle a Santa hat.

Equipment You Will Need to Draw a Santa Hat

Here is a list of what you need to draw a Santa hat:

  1. Paper, a sketchbook or a bullet journal to draw your Santa Claus hat onto. 
  2. A pencil to plan out the hat shape. 
  3. An eraser to rub out the pencil markings. 
  4. A fineliner pen (a black fineliner is suggested)
  5. A red colouring pencil, marker, or even red watercolour paint, if you want to add colour to your Santa hat. 

That’s everything you will need to draw a Santa hat.

How to Draw a Santa Hat – Step by Step

Below is a step by step tutorial on how to draw a Santa hat: 

Step 1: Using a pencil, draw a rectangle. Make it short and wide, and curve the shape upwards in the center slightly. Round the corners of the rectangle too. This will be the fur trim on the hat.

Santa Hat Drawing step 1 - rectangle pencil outline

Step 2: Just above the top left corner of the rectangle shape, draw a small circle using a pencil.

How to draw a Santa Hat step 2 - pencil circle

Step 3: Again using a pencil, draw two lines joining the circle to the fur trim. The left line will be very small, and the outer right line will be much longer, as it curves from the top left corner across and down to the bottom on the right. This creates the area for the Santa Claus hat that will be red.

Santa Claus hat drawing step 3 - add pencil lines

Step 4: Using your fineliner pen, go over the circle and initial rectangle shape to create the fur trim. Draw over the pencil line using small, curved lines that overlap, to create an almost cloud like effect (which will make it seem fluffy).

Santa Hat drawing step 4 - Add fur trim in fineliner

Step 5: Draw over the remaining pencil lines with a fineliner pen.

Santa hat step 5 - fineliner lines

Step 6: Now your Santa hat has a fineliner outline, rub out the pencil outlines. Add colour to your hat; red is recommended, and you can add grey shadows to the fur trim and bobble at the end of the hat.

Santa hat drawing step 6 - rub out pencil outline and add red

Below is a recap showing how to draw a Snowman step by step:

Santa Claus hat drawing tutorial step by step

Easy Santa Hat Doodle Tutorial – Final Thoughts

I hope this post has helped you to draw a simple Santa hat. 

It’s an easy Christmas doodle that looks great alongside other Christmassy doodles!

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How to Draw a Simple Santa Hat for Beginners