How to Draw a Candy Cane

Easy Candy Cane Drawing Tutorial

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Candy canes are a great Christmas themed doodle; they’re so easy to draw, but look really good thanks to the bold colours and striped pattern! 

This post will show you how to draw a candy cane, and as it’s simple, it’s a perfect drawing tutorial for beginners.

Candy Cane Bullet Journal Ideas

Before learning how to draw a candy cane, here are some ideas for including one  in your bullet journal: 

  • A candy cane cover page for December. 
  • Candy cane illustrations in your December weekly spreads. 
  • On a doodles page specifically for Christmas doodles.. 
  • As part of a habit/ mood tracker. You can create a tracker (like a  habit trackers, a mood tracker, etc) and include candy cane doodles in your designs. For example you could draw 31 candy canes for a December mood tracker, and add different colours for different moods (you could keep to traditional Christmas colours like red, green and gold, or use colours that indicate a mood better, such as blue stripes on a candy cane for feeling sad, etc). .
  • Candy cane doodles accompanying quotes about Christmas, or on a dedicated quote page.

I hope these candy cane bujo ideas are helpful! 

Now let’s learn how to doodle a candy cane.

Equipment You Will Need to Draw a Candy Cane

Here is a list of what you need to draw a candy cane:

  1. Paper, a sketchbook or a bullet journal to draw your leaves onto. 
  2. A pencil to plan out your shapes. 
  3. An eraser to rub out the pencil markings. 
  4. A fineliner (black is suggested, but you can use any colour)
  5. Colouring materials to add colour to your candy cane These can be whatever medium you’d prefer; coloured pencils, markers, or even watercolours, and whatever colours you’d like (red is recommended if you want to keep to tradition!). 

That’s everything you will need to draw a candy cane. 

How to Draw a Candy Cane – Step by Step Tutorial

Below is a step by step tutorial showing you exactly how to draw a candy cane:

Step 1: Draw a small circle in pencil on the page.

Step 1 - draw a pencil circle

Step 2: Using a fineliner pen, draw a vertical line from the circle. Start at the right side of the circle, and draw the line downwards and slightly to the left. 

Candy cane drawing step 2 - draw a vertical line in fineliner

Step 3:  Draw a semi circle in fineliner starting at the top of the vertical straight line, going over the top of the pencil circle. This is now the inside of the candy cane.

Candy cane drawing step 3 - Draw a semi circle over the top half of the pencil circle

Step 4: Draw the outline for the outside of the candy cane in fineliner, and rub out your initial pencil circle.

Candy cane step 4 - draw the outside of the candy cane in fineliner

Step 5: Add some stripes to your candy cane. Try to keep them evenly spaced, but keep then angled around the curve.

Candy cane tutorial step 5 - Add stripes

Step 6: Colour in every other stripe whatever colour you’d like (red is traditional, but you can use any colour!).

Step 6 add colour

Below is a pictorial recap showing how to draw a candy cane step by step:

Candy cane drawing pictorial

Easy Candy Cane Doodle Tutorial – Final Thoughts

This post shows how easy it is to draw a simple candy cane. 

I hope it will help you draw plenty of Christmassy doodles!

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How to Draw a Candy Cane for Beginners