The BEST supplies for your bullet journal in 2022

The best bullet journalling supplies

The best bullet journal equipment for beginners

It can be really exciting looking for bullet journal supplies. 

Whether you’re just starting your first bujo, or you’ve got stacks of journals filled, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting brand new stationery! 

But, it can also get overwhelming.

Sifting through the endless amount of bullet journal equipment online; the notebooks, pens, markers, colours, accessories… 

There’s so much to choose from, it’s difficult to know what supplies are really worth getting (especially if you’re new to the bujo world!). And it can become easy to overspend. 

Whether you’re looking for bullet journal equipment to get started, or you’re wanting to add to your already established collection, this post breaks down the best bullet journal supplies. 

Read on to find out what bullet journal supplies are really worth your money!

What bullet journal supplies do you need as a beginner?

If you’re new to bullet journaling, you don’t need loads of equipment.

You only need to cover the basics, which are;

  • Something to write on/in
  • And something to write with

So supplies you need for bullet journaling boil down to just a notebook, and some pens!

What types of paper can you use for bullet journaling?

Starting with having something to write on, there are actually different types of paper you need to consider.

There are 4 main different types of paper you can choose to start your bullet journal.

These are:

  • Grid paper. If you pick a bullet journal with grid paper, the sheets will have a continuous square grid printed on it. 
  • Dot grid paper. Imagine a sheet of paper with a grid on it. If you remove the lines, and just leave a dot where the lines meet, that’s where the dots are on dot grid paper. 
  • Lined paper. This is paper just with horizontal lines on. It’s often used for writing on. 
  • Blank paper. Clue is in the name here; this type of paper has nothing on it!

Which type of paper is best for bullet journal beginners?

If you’re a beginner, having paper with dots or lines helps to keep your text straight and designs neat, as the dots and lines act as a guide.

I recommend getting a notebook with dot grid paper if you’re a bujo beginner. 

Dots aren’t as invasive as the lines on grid or lined paper, but they provide subtle guidelines to keep your writing straight and drawings neat.

Which type of paper is best for advanced bullet journalers?

If you’ve got a bit more experience with bullet journaling, I recommend using blank paper. 

Having a blank page can be a bit scary! 

But if you’re a creative person who has designed many spreads before, using a journal with blank paper will allow you to have as much freedom as possible when creating your designs. 

You can still use dot grid paper, however, if you prefer to have a bit of guidance when designing (like I do!).

What style notebook can you use for bullet journaling?

There are lots of different style notebooks you can choose from for your bullet journal.

You can pick from any of the following style bullet journal notebooks; 

  • Spiral notebook
  • Soft cover journal
  • Hardcover journal
  • Journal specifically for bullet journaling, with special pages like habit trackers, keys, etc included. 

Best bullet journal notebooks

There are lots of notebook brands that produce great notebooks for bullet journalling.

Some of the best bullet journal notebook brands online include: 

  • Leuchtturm1917: This is a highly recommended brand of notebooks in the bullet journal world.
  • Archer & Olive: Look online and you’ll see plenty of praise for Archer & Olive Notebooks. Their journals are on the expensive side, but the paper in them is super thick (some have pages that are 200gsm!). 
  • Yop & Tom: This is another great bullet journal notebook brand, but with slightly cheaper price points than Archer & Olive.

These are just some of the best bullet journal notebook brands, but there are more available.

If you’re looking for specific bullet journal notebooks to try, read on for some notebook recommendations!

Best bujo notebooks for beginners

Here are my favourite notebooks for beginner bullet journalers:

1. LEUCHTTURM1917 – 120G Special Edition – Medium A5 Dotted Hardcover Notebook (Black) – 203 Numbered Pages with 120gsm Paper

This is a well known brand that is constantly recommended by bujo enthusiasts.

For starters, the size is ideal; A5 is convenient, and well-sized for carrying around.

It’s also been designed with travel in mind; it has a hard cover, so you can lean on it when writing or drawing out and about. It is also thread-bound, meaning it opens flat, allowing you to bring your designs right up to the centre of the two-page spread.

It also has an elastic closure band, 2 ribbon page markers to easily note what page you are working on, and a pocket in the back cover.

The high page count (over 200 pages!) of individually numbered pages means you have plenty of room to design your spreads in this bullet journal, and included in the pages in this edition of the Leuchtturm1917 is a table of contents and a set of stickers for labelling included.

The pages also have dots to help you plan your designs, making it perfect for new bullet journalers who need some guidance on the page.

Laslty, the journal comes in plenty of different coloured covers, including black, dark red, green, and blue; whilst I like the shades of the colours on offer, I wish there were a few more!

Here’s a roundup of why I like the LEUCHTTURM1917 Special Edition journal for beginners:

  • Well known brand
  • A5 is a convenient sized notebook
  • Hard cover, so you can lean on it when writing or drawing
  • Thread-bound so it opens flat
  • Lots of pages included (over 200)
  • Individually numbered pages
  • Includes a table of contents and a set of stickers for labelling
  • Has an elastic closure band, 2 ribbon page markers, and a pocket in the back cover
  • Dotted paper to help you plan your designs
  • 4 different coloured covers to choose from

SIDE NOTE: There are different versions of this notebook available on Amazon (I found one that has a stunning lilac cover).

Whatever you do, make sure you check the paper thickness, and don’t go for any versions where the paper is 80 gsm if you’re planning to use any inky pens. The paper will be too thin and the ink will bleed through.

The ones with 80 gsm paper do seem to have more pages (250+), but the paper is too thin.

The one I have recommended above has most of the same features, but thicker paper!

2. Yop & Tom Dotted Journal Notebook A5 – Moon and Stars – Updated 2021 Design – with Extra Thick Paper (160 GSM) – Bullet Grid Journal – Midnight Blue

I love this bullet journal; it was actually my first ever bullet journal!

I picked it because I liked the cute moon and starts design on the front.

As I said with the previous notebook, A5 is the perfect size for convenient carrying.

The hard cover is stitched lay-flat binding, so you can easily lay the pages flat to work on, and lean on them when writing or drawing.

(Plus the cover is vegan. Go environmentally friendly products!).

The 160 individually numbered pages include a page for a key, index, and pen test pages, and the paper is very thick at 160 gsm (perfect for colourful spreads!).

Here’s why I bought the Yop & Tom Dotted Journal Notebook as my first bullet journal:

  • Conveniently sized 
  • Vegan hard cover
  • Cute design on front
  • A stitched lay-flat binding
  • 160 pages, including a page for a key, index, and pen test pages
  • Each page is numbered
  • Very thick 160gsm paper

3. A5 Dotted Journal (160gsm) by Scribbles That Matter – Bullet Dot Grid Notebook – Ultra Thick Premium Paper For No Bleed Through – Hardcover Vegan Leather Notebook

Lastly, I also recommend this notebook for beginner bullet journalers.

This notebook by Scribbles that Matter has dotted paper to help plan your designs.

The paper is super thick (160gsm), so there won’t be any bleeding through.

It also has a vegan leather cover available in 10 different colours.

Here’s a roundup of why I recommend this notebook:

  • Vegan leather cover available in 10 different colours
  • Dotted paper
  • Thick paper (160gsm)

PLEASE NOTE: Some people have noted recently that the elasticated band on the front is coming in a different colour to what is in the image.

So these are the bullet journals I recommend for beginners.

But if you’re used to bullet journaling, you can check out these bullet journals that I recommend for advanced bullet journalers.

(Of course, you can also chose a bullet journal from those recommended for beginners! But these next bullet journals I only recommend for advanced bullet journalers).

Best advanced bullet journal notebooks

1. LEUCHTTURM1917 (354587) Notebook (A5), Hardcover, 251 Numbered Pages, Plain, Nordic Blue

This Leuchtturm1917 notebook is similar to the edition mentioned for beginners; it has a hardcover that’s thread-bound, and individually numbered pages (this one actually has more pages included at 250+ pages).

However, this notebook has plain paper inside; no guides or anything.

If you’ve created a number of bullet journal spreads, the blank space won’t be as intimidating to bullet journal newbies, but will allow you to be as creative as your heart desires.

It’s also worth noting that the paper is very thin compared to the beginner bullet journals at 80gsm, but if you’re experienced (and not using pens that are too inky), you should be able to avoid any bleed through.

Here’s a roundup of of the LEUCHTTURM1917 plain notebook:

  • A5 size convenient for carrying
  • Hardcover
  • Thread-bound so it opens flat
  • 250+ pages that individually numbered
  • Plain paper means you can fully use the space
  • CON: Paper is thin
  • CON: Plain version is only available with a blue cover

2. SCRIBBLES THAT MATTER A5 Starry Night Dotted Journal by Scribbles That Matter – Bullet Dot Grid Notebook – 160gsm Black Paper – Hardcover Notebook

If you’ve filled a few bullet journals and you’re bored of the traditional white paper, this is the bullet journal for you!

This bullet journal by Scribbles that Matter has black paper in, so you can make gorgeous spreads with white ink on the black background.

The paper is thick at 160gsm, so you won’t get any bleeding or ghosting and can do double sided designs.

Plus the paper is also acid-free, so the ink glides over the page smoothly.

This journal also includes a key code page, index pages, and colour coded bookmarks to help with organization.

And despite being recommended for advanced bullet journalers, the pages actually have a dot grid reference, to help with planning your designs.

Here’s a roundup of why I like this journal from SCRIBBLES THAT MATTER:

  • Unique black paper to spice your spreads up a bit
  • Paper is 160 gsm and acid-free, so no bleeding or ghosting and ink will glide over the page
  • Includes a key code page, index pages, and colour coded bookmarks to help with organization
  • Pages are dotted and numbered

These are all the 2 bullet journals I recommend trying if you’re looking for a bit more of a challenge with your spreads!

Now we’ll move onto the next bullet journal supply you’ll need; pens.

What types of pens can you use for bullet journaling?

There are tons of different types of pens you can use for your bullet journal 

Some include:

  • Fineliners
  • Coloured Markers
  • Brush pens
  • Gel pens
  • Fountain pens
  • Highlighters
Different colour pens for your bullet journal

What type of pens are good for bullet journaling?

Fineliners are one of the best types of pens to use in your bullet journal. 

They’re great for both drawing and writing notes, as they tend to be less inky. 

This means your designs will dry quickly with minimal smudging, and the ink tends to not bleed through paper. 

Whilst fineliners are great as they’re not too inky, it’s good to keep in mind coloured fineliners can be a bit tricky to colour in with, as they can end up with visible lines.

So for that reason, brush pens or even coloured pencils are best for adding large amounts of colour to your bullet journal designs.

But that’s only if you don’t want any lines showing in your colouring in. If you don’t mind lines, feel free to colour in your drawings with fineliners!

And of course, coloured fineliners are perfectly fine for adding small amounts of colour to your spreads.

What types of pens are best for bullet journal beginners?

If you’re new to bullet journalling I recomend the following pens:

  • Non inky pens, such as fineliners for writing and drawing/ adding small amounts of colour only (NOT colouring in)
  • Brush markers to add colour (or coloured pencils, but obviously these are not pens!)
  • Highlighters are also quite beginner-friendly

What types of pens are best for advanced bullet journalers?

If you have a bit more experience the following pens can require a bit more practice, or have a knack to using them;

  • Thin nibbed fineliners (the thin nibs require a gentle hand, or the nib might snap)
  • Gel pens (these can smudge easily)
  • Fountain pens (again, smudge easily)
  • Calligraphy pens (these take a lot of practice to get right!)

Best bujo pens for beginners

Below are some of the best bullet journal pens for beginners.

If you want to read more about bullet journal pens specifically, please check out this post on the 18 best bullet journal pens.

Bujo fineliners for beginners

Below are the best bullet journal fineliners for beginners;

Colouring brush pens beginners

If you’re looking to add a large amount of colour to your spreads, brush pens are an excellent choice.

The coloured brush pens I recommend for bullet journal beginners are the ones below;

You have plenty of colours to chose from in this set with 36 colours in total, but it’s worth noting that there are more of some colours in the pack than others.

For example, there are 6 shades of pink! But only 3 purples.

However, they are still a great set of brush pens for beginners.

Gel pens for beginners

Generally I recommend steering clear of gel pens if you’re a beginner, as they have serious smudging potential.

But if you’re particularly keen to use gel pens, I recommend the pens below; the ink dries very quickly to avoid smudging!

Beginner highlighters

Highlighters are a great type of pen for beginners, as they don’t really smudge at all.

Below are my favourite highlighters

Roundup of the best bullet journal pens for beginners

Below is a roundup list of the best bullet journal pens for beginners:

Best advanced bullet journal pens

Now we’ve been through pens for beginners, here’s a list of advanced bullet journal pens.

Remember, there’s nothing stopping you checking these out even if you’re new to bullet journaling!

Just that these pens are advised for more advanced creators, as they require a bit more practice to use.

And remember, even if you’re a bullet journal pro, you can still just stick to the beginner pens recommended if you want to stay on the safe side.

Best bullet journal fineliners for advanced bullet journalers

Advanced coloured fineliners

Advanced colouring brush markers

If you’re looking to add more colouring brush markers to your collection, I recommend the set below, as it includes 72 colours:

  • Funnasting 72-Colors dual tip BrushPens; these are like a 2-in-1 fineliner and bush marker set, as they’re dual tipped. One side has a 0.4mm fine point, and the other a soft brush tip for adding larger amounts of colour.

Advanced gel pens

Black gel pens for advanced bullet journalers

Best coloured gel pens

Fountain pens

I only recommend fountain pens as a more advanced bullet journal supply.

Mainly because you do not need them at all!

But they are quite interesting to use.

Black Fountain Pen

  • Pilot Pen Disposable Fountain Pen – Black (Pack of 3); over 80% of the reviews for these pens are 5 star! They have a 0.58mm bib that gives a medium thickness line, and an ink controller mechanism for no leaks. You can also see how much ink is left in the pen thanks to the transparent ink window.

White Fountain Pen

  • LAMY Safari Medium Nib Fountain Pen – White; again, this fountain pen is highly rated, with multiple 5 star reviews. The white fountain pen is great for adding white highlights to your illustrations, or creating white text and drawings on a black background. This one is available with nibs of different thickness from extra fine through to broad, and it even comes in a left handed option!

Pens for handwriting

  • Hethrone Calligraphy Pens; this set has 8 different calligraphy pens including both soft and hard tips. The nibs come in 1mm, 2mm, and 3mm thickness, extra-fine, fine, medium, large, and soft brush. They are also quick drying and waterproof (meaning no smudges or ink running if you accidentally spill something on your journal!).

Coloured markers

  • Copic Marker 12 Piece Set; Copic markers are top end markers. They’re definitely on the pricier end, but they’re great for illustrations and adding large amounts of colour, as you can layer them. I also love that they have a set of colours just for different skin tones!

Roundup of advanced bullet journal pens

Below is a roundup of the best bullet journal pens for advanced bullet journalers:

Watercolour Paints

Now that we’ve looked at pens, you might want different methods of adding colour to your spreads.

One of which is watercolour paints.

Watercolour paint palette

Can you use watercolour paints in your bullet journal?

When you use a medium that is inky/ wet, there is a chance the results will be slightly inky or damp.

And of course, watercolours are designed to be painted on watercolour paper; this paper is thick, and is designed to absorb the water and pigments.

You can however definitely use watercolours in your bullet journal. You just have to make sure the paper in your journal is thick enough to handle it, and don’t go overboard with the water!

Best watercolours for your bullet journal

Below are the best watercolours to use in your bujo spreads:

  1. Faber-Castell FC169748 Watercolour Paints

Faber-Castell is a well known and trusted brand when it comes to watercolours.

This set included 48 highly pigmented watercolour pans, including unusual colours like metallic and neon paint.

It also includes a water brush so you don’t have to worry about carrying a little jar of water around with you if you’re painting out and about, and it also has a detachable mixing palette!

  1. Winsor & Newton 230471 Cotman 45 Half Pan Studio

Again, Winsor & Newton is another excellent brand name in the painting world.

This lightweight set has 45 pans; note that this is not 45 different colours, as there are only around 40 different colours in total, but there have bee reserves of colours you may use frequently (such as black) included in the set.

It also comes with paintbrush and mixing space, which combined with its light weight, makes it perfect for travel.

  1. REEVES WaterColour Paint Set

If you’re looking for something on the cheaper side, I recommend this pack of Reeves watercolours.

It’s on the smaller side in comparison to the previous two, as it only has 18 colours. But this is more than enough for simply adding colour to your spreads!

The only other thing to note is that these watercolour paints come in tubes; this doesn’t make it ideal for travelling, as the tubes are e a bit more fiddly to use than a pan.

But they’re a great idea if you’re looking to add some colour at home!

Roundup of the best bullet journal supplies for beginners

Here’s a roundup of the best bullet journal equipment for bujo newbies:

Roundup of advanced bullet journal supplies

If you’ve filled a fair few journals, you might want to try out these advanced bullet journal supplies:

Best bullet journal accessories

Now we’ve looked at the best bullet journal supplies for beginners and more advanced bullet journalers, you might be interested in accessories.

I want to make it clear that bullet journal accessories aren’t necessary.

You can make beautiful bullet journal spreads without any accessories.

But, accessories are always nice to have!

And it’s great to have a long “bujo wish list” for when family members ask to buy you birthday presents (and trust me, there are plenty of accessories to chose from!).

Check out the best bullet journal accessories below:

Bullet Journal Ruler

A ruler is always handy for helping to draw straight lines in your spreads, in particular for drawing boxes, etc.

Small ruler

Here is a small ruler I recommend:

This 15cm ruler is super cheap, and as it’s small, it’s very easy to carry round in a pencil case.

I also always recommend a clear ruler, as you can see your work underneath it!

Foldable ruler

If you want a bigger ruler, but still want to be able to pack it away neatly, check out this 30cm folding ruler:

This Helix folding ruler is double the size of the previous one, so you’ll be able to draw much longer lines with it.

However as it’s foldable, it’s still just as convenient, and you can fit it into a pencil case easily.

Again, it’s inexpensive (so you’re not breaking the bank!) and transparent (to see your designs underneath as you’re drawing).

Bullet Journal Stencils

tThere are loads of different sets of bullet journal stencils on Amazon.

These sets can be quite big; they usually include 18 – 26 sheets, and have a variety of shapes on each sheet to use in your bullet journal spreads. 

These stencils are also quite cheap (both in cost and quality)…

…They’re usually under £15, and the plastic can be thin and flimsy.

However, despite them being cheap and low quality, they are useful. You can get a clean line by using washi tape to fix down the stencil tightly on the page, then lightly trace the shape.

Here’s a good set with 20 sheets included:

This is good as a starter set; you can test out the different shapes, and figure out which ones you use the most often.

Then you can upgrade to a higher quality stencil with thicker plastic, once you know exactly what stencils you will use. 

The main benefit to these stencils being so thin is that you can carry them around in your bullet journal easily as they’re not bulky, so they won’t add any extra thickness to your journal.

Bullet Journal Stamps

Stamps are a great way to speed up your bullet journaling process.

They also look really good in your journal!

There are lots of silicone stamps available from Amazon and other retailers.

However, I don’t recommend silicone stamps; they are fiddly to work with, and are often poorly printed with errors.

Below are some higher quality stamps I do recommend:

This set of 36 wooden stamps includes all the letters of the alphabet and the numbers 0 – 9.

The stamps come in a cute little wooden box, and there is also space to store the ink pad.

Whilst it may be time consuming to stamp each letter or number individually, these long wooden stamps are much easier to hold, and better quality than the silicone stamps.

It also means you’re not limited in your stamping designs, as you can create as many combos and basically write whatever you want with your stamps!

Best Illustrative Stamps for your Bullet Journal

You can also get beautiful illustrative stamps to use in your journal.

I really recommend these, as they’re a super quick way to add pretty designs to your journal (plus you don’t really need any skills to use them!).

Check out some beautiful stamps below:

Top Stamping Tip: When you load up your stamp, make sure you do a first press on scrap paper, then stamp onto your paper, so the ink doesn’t bleed and make the stamper image messy.

The stamps in this set are so unique; they include planets, stars, and even bubble blowing!

I like that in these set of 24, they come in varying sizes; some of the planet stamps are tiny, so you can easily add them into your designs.

The only thing I don’t like about this set is that I think 3 bubble blowing stamps are too many, since they’re very similar; it would have been better to have different designs than 3 that are very similar.

This is another good set to try if you’re looking for planet inspired stamps.

There are 16 different moon, stars and planet wood and rubber stamps in this set, but these ones are all the same size (which is quite dainty, making them perfect to easily fit into your spreads).

Again, these wooden and rubber stamps are the perfect addition to a stamp collection.

There are 16 different butterfly designs in this set.

The only negative to note is as the stamps are quite small, a couple of the designs include writing, but it’s so small it’s virtually impossible to read!

However, the designs are gorgeous regardless.

Bullet journal stickers

Stickers are another great bujo accessory to add to your collection.

Similar to stamps, they’re quick and easy to use, whilst helping to make your spreads more exciting.

Check out some awesome stickers below:

This is a very large set of stickers for a journal.

There are over 1,300 stickers included, making it excellent value for money.

It includes a good mix of practical stickers for planning, brightly coloured and fun stickers, and motivational ones. It basically has something for everyone.

The large amount of stickers can be seen as a plus, but it also can be a bit overwhelming, and it’s really unlikely you’ll like or use all of them.

It’s also been noted that they have a slightly “younger” look, aimed more at teenagers.

However, they’re not at all expensive, and you can just pick your favourites out of the set to use!

This set again has plenty of stickers included (over 1,000).

There are a variety stickers which include useful stickers for bullet journalling that will help you with planning, such as:

  • Weekly Schedule sticker
  • Meal Plan sticker
  • Chores Sticker

The stickers also come in an envelope to store them in.

Similar to the stamps, you can also use stickers purely for illustrative purposes in your designs, rather than for practical reasons.

These flower stickers will make beautiful additions to any floral bullet journal designs.

They’re slightly more expensive per sticker than the previous sets mentioned, but they’re still inexpensive to purchase.

Bullet journal washi tape

Whilst discussing stickers, who can forget washi tape?

Washi tape is a decorative adhesive tape; unlike stickers which come individually, washi tape comes as a roll, so you can cut off as much as you need.

Check out some washi tape ideas for your bullet journal below:

This washi tape set includes 10 rolls, and each roll uses a different design, from floral and leaves to geometric.

This tape is easy to tear and place and sticks very well, but there are some reports of it causing paper to tear after removing it. So it’s best to only use it if you’re not planning moving it at all it afterwards.

It’s also worth mentioning that it’s advertised as gold foil washi tape… But only some of the rolls actually use gold foil in the design!

If you want to add a bit of colour to your buo spreads, this is the washi tape for you!

This set of 30 brightly coloured washi tape is perfect for adding colour to your designs.

It’s easy to use, and also reasonably priced considering there are 30 rolls included!

Circle Maker

No matter how much you try, it’s pretty much impossible to draw a perfect circle.

And whilst you can probably get it near enough over time, if you don’t fancy practicing drawing circles, a circle maker is a smart bullet journal supply to invest in.

Check out this circle maker below:

It’s purpose is pretty straight forward; it’s to help you create perfect circles!

Similar to the other supplies mentioned, this circle maker is inexpensive and easy to use.

And like the other rulers mentioned, it’s clear, so you can see your design underneath as you’re drawing.

Post It Notes

Just like the other bullet journal accessories listed, post it notes are NOT needed at all.

However, they can be used in a number of ways in your bullet journal spreads:

  • Post It Notes can be used for decorative purposes
  • You can use square ones to mark out boxes for text
  • Adding paper and layers can help to add more dimension spreads

Below are some Post It Notes you can try:

  • Coloured Square Notes
    • Well known brand
    • Lots of different option colour combinations to choose from
    • 90 sheets per pad; good value for money
    • Very good stickiness

These colourful square post its are from a well known brand (Post It are perhaps the most well known brand for Post It Notes).

Lots of different option colour combination sets to choose from.

Each set has 90 sheets per pad and the pages have very good stickiness, making them good value for money.

They are slightly large depending on how you’re intending to use them in your designs, but there’s always the option to cut them smaller and glue them into your spreads if need be.

These page markers again by the brand Post It are an inexpensive option that work well.

They are much smaller than the previous set linked, meaning they’re easier to fit into your spreads.

They’re also great to use as their intended purposes of marking pages.

This set come in really bright colours, but there are other ones in different shapes available, such as arrows.

These bright and colourful heart shaped sticky notes are super fun your your spreads!

The link is for the hearts, but there other shapes post its available, like flowers and speech bubbles.

A Set of Clips

Paper/binder clips are really handy for laying your bullet journal pages down flat.

The clips keep the pages down instead of your hands, so the pages don’t spring up suddenly and smudge your designs, plus they help to make sure you can go right up to the middle of the double page.

Your binder clips don’t need to be fancy, as they don’t feature in the final product! They’re just a tool that helps to create your spread.

Check out these binder clips below:

This set included 100 clips of various sizes; mini, small, medium, jumbo, large, and extra large, so you can pick the best size to fit your bullet journal.

The best thing about this bullet journal supply unlike others mentioned is you can reuse them, so you only need to purchase them the once!


Glue is another handy supply to have in your collection; you never know when you’ll need to stick something in!

PVA glue

Below are some glue products I recommend:

Glue roller

This compact glue roller is from the well known brand (Pritt stick glue is what they’re most famous for).

The roller is a very useful tool for sticking stuff down neatly and flat

The downside is it is on the expensive side for what it is, and you’d have to keep repurchasing every time you run out.

In which case, I recommend this cheaper alternative.

It is not a well known brand, but includes 3 glue rollers instead of just the one.

Glue Dots

Glue dots are good option because you can reuse them/ remove them without making a mess

They’re also a great option for sticking stuff down if you want to give it a slight 3D effect, as they tend to be slightly thicker than traditional glue/ glue rollers, and therefore leave a slight gap.

However, they’re not a good choice for sticking sticking items down flat.

Sticky Fixers

Sticky fixers are an even better option if you want to create a 3D effect, as they’re slightly thicker than glue dots.

They’re also a bit larger, but can be cut down to smaller sizes with a scissors if need me.

But again, as they’re quite thick and create a 3D effect, I would not recommend using them too much in your bullet journal, as you might not be able to get it to close properly if all the pages are extra thick! 

Tippex mouse

Tipp-Ex is good for covering up pen any mistakes you make in your spreads (providing your bujo paper is white of course!). 

I recommend this Tipp-Ex mouse:

This mouse is small and compact, making it easy to carry around and use on the go.

I prefer the mouse to traditional tippex, as it’s much neater and easier to use.

You can also use this to make white lines in your bullet journal to write on.

Bullet journal accessories roundup

Below is a roundup of all the bullet journal accessories that have been recommended previously:

Bullet Journal Supply Storage

Lastly, we’re on to bullet journal storage!

Again, whilst not a necessity, if you’re the kind of person who is into stationery, you also the kind of person who will want to keep it organised (or even if you don’t want to, it’s probably still a good idea!).

Below are some bullet journal accessory storage ideas:

Desk Storage

It’s good to keep your most regularly used bullet journalling supplies neat and organised on your desk using desk organisers, so you can access them easily.

Check out these desk organisers below:

Small Desk Organiser

This is a set of 4 stackable organizers, with a total of 16 compartments.

They come individually, so you can stack them horizontally or vertically.

They are slightly on the smaller size, and are meant for pens or pencils (but that’s not to say you can’t store other supplies if you wish).

This vertical desk organizer is advertised as a pen organizer, but it’s actually good for keeping all your stationery neat and tidy (not just your pens) as it has compartments of varying sizes.

This desk tidy is definitely on the smaller side; the slanted storage in particular will only be able to hold a couple of pens each, so you definitely won’t be able to store all your supplies in just one.

But you can either purchase multiple, or invest in a larger desk organizer if you have a lot of supplies to organize…

Large Desk Organiser

If the last two suggestions were slightly too small for you, check out this large mesh desk organizer below:

This desk organizer is larger than the previous 2; it has 5 compartments that are various shapes and a drawer, so you can store different types of stationery in it.

The mesh also means you can see all your stationery at a glance, so you know where everything is.

This organizer also comes fully assembled (yay for unbox and go), and is available in blue, gold, and rose gold.

This pen holder is very large, so you can store a lot more pens and pencils on your desk; it can easily hold over 100 pens!

It rotates for easy access and the mesh is small enough to stop anythign fall through.

It also has a secure handle to carry it around easily.

The only downside is it only comes in black.

Drawer Storage

Drawer storage is an ideal way to store stationery you’re not reaching for as often.

Check out this drawer storage for your bullet journal supplies below:

Stationery Supply Drawer Organizers/ Dividers

This drawer divider has 5 different compartments to help organize your drawers; you can purchase multiple to fill your drawer, and also stack them on top of each other.

(It’s worth pointing out that it does not come with a lid, and isn’t exactly large. But this means you can fit more together in your drawer!).

Stationery Supply Storage Boxes with Lids

If you’re looking for storage with a lid, check out these storage boxes below:

These storage boxes are great for keeping your bujo supplies neat in your drawers.

They come as a pack of 5 or 10, and you can chose different colours (including either all one colour, or rainbow sets).

Even though they come in lovely bright colours, some of the sets are also transparent, so you’ll be able to see what’s in each box at a glance.

Pencil case

We’ve covered desk storage and drawer organizers, but pencil cases are a convenient way of storing your stationery and taking it on the go.

Below are some awesome pencil cases to store your bujo supplies:

Extra Large Pencil Case

This pencil case is advertised as large, but you could say it’s extra large as it comfortably fits around 200 pencils.

It has 72 large elastic slots (which can hold 3 pencils or pens each) and 4 extra large slots (which each hold 4 pencils or gel pens).

It also has 2 outside pockets, but is compact enough to carry around easily (plus the handle makes it easy to carry).

It’s also available in 16 different colours/ patterns, including plain block colours and cute patterns.

Large Pencil Case

This large pencil case easily holds 100 pencils.

It has solid (not flimsy) inside slots for better organization, and also has huge side zip pocket and a half size (non zip) front pocket.

It’s available in different vibrant patterns, but unfortunately is only available patterned, so you can’t get a plain version.

Lastly, this large pencil case is great for transporting pens, pencils, and other stationery.

It has number of compartments to keep your bullet journal equipment organised.

However, this one is on the smaller side in comparison to the other cases mentioned, as it only holds around 60 pens or pencils.

It only comes in 4 different colours; black, blue, grey and pink.

However, it’s still pretty inexpensive, and a great choice for carry your bujo supplies out and about!

Bullet journal stationery storage roundup

Below is a roundup of the bullet journal supply storage ideas mentioned:

Best bullet journal supplies – final thoughts

Remember, when gathering supplies for your bullet journal, you decide how much or how little you need.

You can push the boat out and get all the supplies and accessories… Or you can keep it conservative with the bare basics – it’s totally up to you.

There are plenty of good quality, affordable supplies available, and lots of varying designs, so you can make sure your bullet journal equipment is exactly what you need.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, but most importantly – have fun with it.

And use your supplies and stationery to make your bullet journal whatever you want it to be!

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