Best December Bullet Journal Spread Ideas

December Bullet Journal Themes and Ideas

December bullet journal theme ideas featured image

Can you believe it’s the last month of the year already? 

December means it’s time to get Christmassy and create your festive spreads. 

(It also means you need to get a move on with your Christmas shopping, if you haven’t already!)

There are so many Christmas ideas you can base your spreads on… but if you’re getting a bit overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, you can begin by checking out this list of December bullet journal themes!

List of December Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

Here is a list of different bullet journal theme ideas for December. 

And of course, remember that Christmas is kinda a big deal! 

So lots of them are Christmas inspired:

  • Candles
  • Carols
  • Christmas Jumpers
  • Christmas songs
  • Christmas stockings
  • Fairy lights
  • Father Christmas
  • Fir tree
  • Gifts
  • Icicles
  • Mulled Wine
  • Presents
  • Reindeer
  • Santa hats
  • Snow
  • Snowflakes
  • Snowman

December Bullet Journal Spread Inspiration

Below are some amazing bullet journal themes for December, found on Instagram.

Christmas Jumpers Bullet Journal Themes

December bullet journal theme - Cozy jumpers
Credit to @smujo.bujo

What a cute December spread!

Repeat patterns are a great idea for a double page spread, as you can repeat your doodle as many (or as little) times as you’d like across your pages.

Then you can keep your repeats identical if you want to keep your patterns consistent, or you can get creative with the different versions for each repeat.

These cozy sweaters are each decorated uniquely, and the combination of different colours and patterns makes the spread so lively and fun!

Christmas Doodle December Bujo Spreads

December bullet journal Christmas doodles cover page
Credit to @haleylovesrainbowz

I always love a doodle inspired theme, and December is the perfect month to create one, because there are so many Christmassy doodles to choose from! 

This December cover page is a perfect example, as there are so many different Christmas doodles included; the snowman, the stocking, the candy cane, the snow globe… The list goes on! 

I also love the use of colour; don’t feel you have to add colour to all your imagery, as you can just add colour here and there, like Hayley has done with the red to add pops of colour to the page. 

December bullet journal gingerbread and candycanes
Credit to @chrys4lismm

This is a really sweet double page spread for December. 

I love the use of Christmas doodles dotted about the spread. 

A doodle spread is a great idea for anyone who just likes to draw freely for their spreads. 

And there are so many different Christmas related doodles; you can just fill the pages with all the Christmassy doodles you want! 

The quote on the right page, which reads “The holidays are what you make them” is also a fun touch.

Nature Inspired December Bullet Journal Themes

December bujo Christmas trees spread
Credit to @eleisjournaling

People hear December and instantly think of bright Christmassy colours. 

But a December spread with minimal colour is a really unique idea! 

This spread by Eleonore is a beautiful example; it has such a cold, wintery vibe.

Not using colour doesn’t have to mean that your spread is black and white with no detail either.

The varying shades of grey used for the trees really helps to layer the image and create depth. 

The darker shade of grey for the “December” header really makes it stand out on the page too! 

Floral Bullet Journal Theme for December

Poinsettia December bujo double page spread
Credit to @maritime.bujo

Flowers aren’t an obvious choice for a winter bullet journal spread. 

But a poinsettia theme for December is a great idea, as it’s a flower that’s often associated with Christmas. 

The spread above is a beautiful example; the flower is so large and spreads across the double page, creating a real statement. 

The red poinsettia flower itself is vibrant, and it’s a great theme idea if you want to add a bit of colour to your winter bujo spreads.

Wreath December Bujo Theme

Christmas wreath doodle December page
Credit to @nenodimir

If you’re creating a Christmas inspired spread for your December page, there are of course classic Christmas colours that spring to mind; gold, green, and red are a good example. 

However, if you want to add more colour but keep to that Christmas colour theme, you can use multiple shades of a single colour to add depth to your imagery. 

This wreath themed spread uses a number of shades of green, from light green to a deep emerald green, and rather than the shades clashing they actually compliment each other. 

The background leaves drawn in fineliner are a beautiful detail that help to add layers to the image, but without making the page seem too full. 

December wreath bujo page
Credit to

This is another Christmas wreath inspired spread for December (with some poinsettia flowers for extra Christmas points!). 

I like the simplicity of this illustration, as its minimal style allows the December header to really pop. 

A cute idea for a wreath is to draw doodles in a circle with a gap in the middle, to imply the wreath shape.  

That way you can turn any of your Christmas doodles into a Christmassy wreath!

Gingerbread man wreath anyone?

Christmas Tree Themed December Spreads

Christmas tree December bullet journal spread
Credit to @b.bulletjournal

This is another beautiful example of a repeat pattern December bujo spread. 

Christmas trees are a great idea for a December theme, as the vibrant green will add some life to your bullet journal in winter! 

And you can create some really cute patterns on your trees. 

I also love the smaller details of the mistletoe and sparkles, which help to fill the remaining white space.

Christmas tree car December bullet journal page
Credit to @paws.and.paper

Rather than the usual decorated tree, this fir tree in its initial stage of being driven home is a cool idea for a December bullet journal spread. 

Brown paper has also been layered on the page, and helps the illustration on the white paper stand out. 

The quote at the bottom is also a really nice touch!

Typography Themed December Spreads

The text in your spread doesn’t have to be plain.

In fact, it can be the main focus of it! 

Below are some stunning typography focused December bujo spreads;

December typography double page spread
Credit to @cottage_lily_creations_

This is such a bold spread! 

Don’t be afraid to go all out with your designs, and really fill the page with your December header if you want to make a statement.

In this example, the typography goes right up to the edge of the page on both sides; it’s almost as though it can’t be contained in the journal!  

I also love the use of deep red for a Christmassy feel, and the grey shadows add a 3D effect, making the header seem to jump out the page at you. 

December header bullet journal page in black, red and silver
Credit to @thegirlwithinfinitethoughts

This is another beautiful typography based spread for December. 

Colour is a great way to make your text stand out, as you can use vibrant but contrasting colours to really make a statement.

The colour in the example above has been layered really well, as the black outline of the text against the white background really makes the letters pop!

And the bright red and layered with silver on top adds a Christmassy vibe to the page.

Cartoon Inspired Bullet Journal Spreads

Snoopy themed December bujo spread
Credit to @do_it_toi_meme

This is such a sweet December bullet journal spread! 

The iconic Snoopy illustration style is recreated very well, and despite it being simple, the block colours and font together with the imagery make the spread really vibrant.  

There are lots of Christmas illustration styles you can recreate in your spreads.

The Snowman film, the Grinch illustrations, Rankin/Bass Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer… The list goes on!

December Bullet Journal Theme Ideas Roundup

I hope this roundup of December bullet journal themes has been helpful. 

It’s so exciting seeing all the different festive themes in action!

And perhaps have inspired you for your own December bullet journal spreads.

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How to Draw Leaves – Easy Step by Step Tutorials

How to draw leaves step by step tutorial

Easy Leaf Drawing Tutorial

With Autumn in full swing, you might find yourself drawing more Autumn related doodles in your bullet journal spreads. 

Leaves are a tricky doodle to master however, as there are so many different types of leaves to learn! 

Some are a simple shape and can be drawn in just a few steps, whereas others are much more complex, and need multiple steps to complete them. 

This post is all about leaf drawing tutorials to help you to draw different types of leaves in your bullet journal.

Leaf Bullet Journal Ideas

Before we go on to learn how to draw different types of leaves, you might not be sure how to actually include leaf drawings in your bullet journal. 

So here are different ideas for incorporating leaves in your bullet journal:

  • Cover pages for September, October, or November.
  • As Autumn themed doodles in your weekly spreads. 
  • Habit or Mood Leaf Tracker. You can create trackers (such as habit trackers, mood trackers, etc) and incorporate leaves into your designs. For example, you can draw 30 leaves on a page for a mood tracker, and then colour them in different autumn shades for different moods (e.g yellow for happy, red for angry, etc).
  • Alongside quotes about Autumn, or on a dedicated quote page.
  • On a personal growth page or inspiration page

Now you have some ideas for including leaf drawings in your bullet journal, read on to find out how to doodle them!

How To Draw A Leaf For Beginners

What You Will Need to Draw Leaves

Before you start doodling, it’s important to make sure you have the right supplies! 

Below is a list of the tools you will need to create your leaf doodles:

  1. Paper, a sketchbook, or a bullet journal to draw your leaves onto. 
  2. A pencil to plan out your shapes. 
  3. An eraser to rub out the pencil markings. 
  4. A fineliner (black is suggested, but you can use any colour)
  5. Colours if you want to add colour to your leaves; these can be coloured pencils, markers, or even watercolours.

That’s everything you will need to create your different leaf illustrations. 

Leaf Drawing Tutorials Step by Step

Below are different tutorials that will show you how to create various types of leaves. 

They break down what you need to do step by step, so it’s easy to follow and create your leaf doodles! 

How to Draw a Horse Chestnut Leaf

Horse chestnut leaves come from the same type of trees that grow conkers in Autumn! 

Its leaves have a cool shape that resemble a 5 point star. 

Check out how to draw a horse chesnut leaf step by step below:

Step 1: Using a pencil, draw a dot in the middle. Then draw three lines going through the dot; make the longest one go down the middle at an almost vertical angle, and the other two closer to horizontal.

Draw a dot and 3 lines intersecting using a pencil

Step 2: Again using a pencil, draw 5 smooth leaf outlines around the top 5 lines. Leave the bottom line for a stalk, and draw the outlines from small at the bottom to big (with the largest outline being at the top).

Draw the leaf outlines using a pencil

Step 3: Using a fineliner, go over the pencil leaf outlines. Make the edges slightly jagged, and the tip of each leaf more pointed. You can also create an outline for the stalk; start thin, before thickening it out slightly at the end.

Go over the leaf outline in a fineliner

Step 4: Again using a fineliner, go over the pencil lines to create a middle vein for each leaf. Go right to the tip before fading the vein out.

Draw a middle vein in fineliner on each leaf

Step 5: Use the fineliner to add smaller horizontal veins along each leaf. Take them right to the leaf outline, and try to make them evenly spaced.

Draw smaller veins in fineliner onto each leaf

Step 6: Rub out the pencil outlines you originally created.

Step 7: Add some colour, and you’re done!

Add colour to your leaf, and you've finished your Horse Chesnut leaf drawing

Below is a visual recap on each step:

Full tutorial on how to draw a Horse Chesnut Leaf step by step

Oak Leaf Drawing Tutorial

Oak leaves are another great type of leaf to learn how to doodle, as they’re very commonly associated with the Autumn months. 

Below is a step by step drawing tutorial on how to draw an oak leaf:

Step 1: Using a pencil, draw a teardrop outline at a horizontal angle.

Draw a teardrop shape in pencil

Step 2: Split the teardrop in half by creating a smooth pencil line; start from the point, and draw right through.

Draw a pencil line down the middle to split the teardrop in half

Step 3: Draw a thin pencil oval shape in the top half of the teardrop.

Draw a thin oval in the top half of the teardrop shape in pencil

Step 4: Draw a similar sized oval in the lower half of the teardrop (again using a pencil).

Draw a thin oval pencil in the bottom half of the teardrop

Step 5: Add a slightly smaller set of ovals above the initial two in pencil.

Draw two ovals in pencil above the initial two

Step 6: Then add two smaller sets of pencil ovals below the initial ovals, making them smaller the closer to the point of the teardrop they get.

Draw four ovals in pencil below

Step 7: In the remaining space in the teardrop, draw a pencil circle at the top and bottom.

Draw small pencil circles in the top and bottom of the teardrop

Step 8: Using the pencil ovals and circles as guidelines, draw around them in fineliner to create the outline of the oak leaf. You can also add the stalk in using fineliner here.

Using a fineliner pen, go around the shapes to create the outline of your oak leaf

Step 9: Rub out the pencil markings, and draw a middle vein down the center of the leaf in fineliner.

Rub out the pencil putline and draw a middle vein with a fineliner pen down the leaf

Step 10: Draw smaller veins along the center of each branch of the leaf in fineliner. Go from the middle vein up to the edge of the leaf, along the center of each oval.

Draw small veins with a pen onto the oak leaf

Step 11: Now draw tiny lines from the middle vein in fineliner, but don’t make them as long.

Now add tiny fineliner veins to the oak leaf

Step 12: Add some colour to your leaf if you wish; I added green at the center, and then a bit of yellow at the tips and for the stem of the leaf.

Add colour to your oak leaf drawing

And your oak leaf is finished!

Below is a summary of the steps taken to complete the oak leaf drawing:

Oak leaf drawing step by step tutorial
You can see this post on Instagram, and follow us here: @bulletjournalmonthly

Beech Leaf Drawing – Step by Step Tutorial

Beech trees are a popular tree in the UK (they’re considered the queen of British trees).

They typically have purple leaves, but some beech trees are called copper beech, and have deep purple leaves instead. 

Below is a drawing tutorial for doodling a beech leaf: 

Step 1: Using a pencil, draw an upside down teardrop (with the point at the top).

Draw a beech leaf step 1 - draw a teardrop shape in pencil

Step 2: Split the teardrop in half with a pencil line (draw from the point at the top right down the middle).

Draw a beech leaf step 2 - split the teardrop shape in half

Step 3: Go over the pencil outline with a fineliner pen. Make the outline slightly jagged.

Draw a beech leaf step 3 - draw a fineliner outline

Step 4: Now go over the center line with a fineliner to create the middle vein. Draw from the very bottom of the leaf, but fade the line out just before the tip of the leaf.

Draw a beech leaf step 4 - draw middle vein

Step 5: Rub out the pencil markings, and add a stalk at the bottom of the leaf with a fineliner.

Draw a beech leaf step 5 - draw a stalk

Step 6: Using the fineliner, draw smaller veins on the leaf. Start at the main middle vein, and draw them at a horizontal angle out to the edge of the leaf. Try to keep these veins evenly spaced, and increase the angle so it’s closer to vertical the closer to the tip of the leaf you get.

Draw a beech leaf step 6 - draw fineliner veins

Step 7: Add some colour; I chose green for the leaf, and a light brown for the stalk.

Draw a beech leaf step 7 - add colour

And you beef leaf doodle is complete!

Here is a visual summary of the steps you need to follow to complete your beech leaf drawing:

Beech leaf drawing - step by step tutorial

Leaf Doodle Tutorial – Final Thoughts

I hope you’ve found these drawing tutorials helpful.

If you follow along they’re really not as hard as you think, and it’s the perfect time to learn how to doodle leaves for your Autumn bullet journal spreads!

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19 November bullet journal themes

November Bullet Journal Themes

List of November bullet journal spread ideas

It’s November; the nights are longer, and as we approach the end of the year, it’s getting harder to think of unique bullet journal theme ideas.

Plus (as I’m sure you’re aware thanks to all the festive content in all the shops), Christmas is coming!

BUT, before you start getting Christmassy and planning festive spreads, you have one more month in your bullet journal to plan for. 

If you’re stuck thinking of theme ideas for November, then this post all about November bullet journal ideas and November bujo inspiration is for you! 

Check them out below: 

List of November Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

Below is a list of different bujo theme ideas for November.

They should help to give you some ideas when creating your November spread: 

  • Acorns
  • Bats
  • Beer
  • Bonfire Night
  • Candy
  • Cosy jumpers
  • Day of the Dead
  • Fires
  • Fireworks
  • Foxes
  • Harry Potter
  • Hedgehogs
  • Hot chocolate
  • Leaves
  • Mushrooms
  • Pumpkin
  • Pumpkin spiced latte
  • Sparklers
  • Squirrels
  • Sugar skulls
  • Sweeties
  • Thanksgiving
  • Turkey

November Bullet Journal Spread Inspiration

I love seeing different bullet journal spreads for the same month; they’re all so creative, and it’s cool to see everyone take the same title of November and make their spreads so unique. 

Below are some great November bullet journal spreads from Instagram.

Nature Inspired November Bullet Journal Themes

Bear inspired November bullet journal theme
Credit to @tristanstudynotes

This bear themed November spread is the perfect way to start off the list! 

I love the simplicity; the bear illustration is so beautiful that it’s all the decoration that’s really needed for this page. 

Spreads that incorporate animals are great for a November bullet journal theme, as there are so many cute animals to choose from; foxes, squirrels, hedgehogs, bears, owls… the list goes on! 

You can create a spread solely focusing on one animal, like Tristan has done here, or add as many furry animals to the page as you wish.

November double page bullet journal spread butterfly themed
Credit to @ivanajournals

This nature inspired November spread by Ivana is so sweet! 

This feminine colour palette (which I love) is not what you’d typically think of for a November theme.

But thinking outside the box and creating spreads inspired by things you wouldn’t necessarily expect is a great way to make your monthly theme stand out. 

And this spread with fun colours is a great example, as if you’re sick of Autumnal colours by the time November comes, you can switch it up a little and add some warmth to a colder month with a brighter colour palette. 

The quote on the left page, which reads “to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”, is also a lovely touch with deep meaning; that it’s worth putting in the effort for some things now even if you won’t see results immediately, and to do so with hope that you may in the future.

November winter double page bullet journal spread
Credit to @annielapsy

This November bujo spread by Annie is inspired by a number of different elements from nature. 

The trees and falling leaves are beautifully drawn into the space of the antlers, alongside a quote that reads “cherches moi du côté sauvage” which is “look for me on the wild side” in English (please note I do not speak French, so take that with a pinch of salt!).  

Don’t be afraid to combine different theme elements together, as it can work really well to create a really quirky and memorable spread (like it does here!). 

Weather Inspired November Bujo Themes

The weather is quite a personal bullet journal theme idea, as it can be different depending on where you live. 

Below are some November bullet journal themes inspired by the weather:

Weather inspired November bullet journal cover page.jpg
Credit to @thecreativeplan

I love this November spread by Jen. 

The colours are so on theme for November, and there is a nice contrast with the warmer reads, yellows and oranges against the darker grey. 

The layered check patterns help to really fill up the pages and make them full of life, but the clever use of white space around the check patterns makes sure they’re not too overpowering. 

If you want to liven up your spreads, try adding some fun patterns like Jen has done here; they will really add something special to your designs!

Windy November Bullet Journal Theme

November bullet journal page - windy themed November cover page
Credit to @schmalsipopalsi

This November cover page by Sasy really captures the November winds.

Wind can be hard to show visually, but I love the way Sasy has drawn it here.

All the leaves being blown across the page also add to that windy vibe, and the umbrella being blown away is a really fun touch!

Mushroom Themed Bullet Journal Spread

Mushroom inspired November bullet journal cover page
Credit to @snack.otak

Mushroom illustrations always have such a magical feel, and this November spread is no exception.

It’s got an added touch of Autumn vibes with the acorns and oak leaves surrounding the mushrooms. 

Don’t feel you have to focus on one topic for your spread; you can take a more general theme idea, such as “nature”, and combine different elements from that umbrella theme idea.

Floral Themed November BuJo Spread

Floral double page November bujo spread
Credit to @griffin_valkyrie

Flowers aren’t the obvious choice for an Autumn bujo spread.

But Griffin has used cool toned colours like blue and silver to add a colder feel to their creation, making it on trend for the colder months of the year.

You can think about how you add colour to add to your theme, such as using warm shades like orange and red for the beginning of Autumn, but then switching to colder colours like Grifiin has as the weather becomes cooler.

I also love how simple and elegant the cover page is; all it needs is the beautiful flower doodle with the November header, and the page is complete!

Floral bullet journal spread - double page November bujo spread
Credit to @kaesinfinitejournals

Here is a more abstract floral inspired November bujo spread. 

Created by Kae, I again love the use of the colour tones such as grey to capture the colder weather as we approach winter. 

If you’re not very confident with drawing, abstract is a great style to try for your bullet journal spreads, as it’s quite forgiving; you’re not trying to recreate something exactly as it appears, so it’s more open to your interpretation (and therefore harder to get wrong!). 

Leaf Inspired Bullet Journal Spread for November

Autumn Leaf Themed November bullet journal cover page
Credit to @a_reflective_reader

This November header is so beautiful! 

The way the birch trees are placed really makes you feel like you are taking a walk down a path on an Autumn day; you can almost feel the fallen leaves crunching beneath your feet.

The use of colour helps to add depth, as the warm coloured leaves really pop against the darker birch trees, and really make them stand out. 

I also love how simple the leaves are in this spread, as they’re just small dashes of colour, and show you don’t need to be adding too much detail to create beautiful imagery. 

Brown leaf inspired bullet journal double spread for November
Credit to @piasbujo

This is a more abstract leaf themed November cover page by Pia. 

Its minimalistic style allows you to really appreciate the unique design; thanks to the creative use of space around the middle, the eye is automatically drawn to the center quote and illustration on each page. 

The different shades of brown layered beneath the fineliner illustration helps to add depth, whilst keeping that minimal style. 

When you’re creating your spreads, consider the font you are using for any text. Here, the choice of script font for the November header adds to that elegant feel.

November bullet journal page with leaves
Credit to @journals_evolve

People think of bullet journal spreads and think of fineliners and coloured pencils, but it doesn’t have to be!  

This spread is very literal in its use of materials; if it’s a spread based on Autumn leaves, why not actually include some in the design?! 

Don’t be afraid to push the boat out, and use some unique materials in your spreads; you can even stick things in to add layers and create texture and depth to your spreads.

Just be careful if you use heavier materials like paint or ink that the paper in your bullet journal can take it, as you don’t want any ghosting or bleeding (not sure what ghosting or bleeding is in bullet journal terms? It’s explained in detail in this post on the best bullet journal pens!).

November Autumn tree cover illustration
Credit to @momentarilymiki

I love that you can take a theme idea of Autumn leaves and see so many different interpretations.

Here is another beautiful take on a leaf inspired November bullet journal cover page.

I enjoy how uncomplicated yet beautiful this cover page really is; the tree illustration is quite simple, but together with the vibrant colours for the leaves, the tree really pops and stands out on the page. 

The reds, oranges and yellow shades all layered really give it texture and life!

Food Inspired BuJo Spread for November

Jam themed November bullet journal cover illustration
Credit to @journal_with_joyce

This jam themed November bullet journal page is awesome! 

Created by Joyce, it’s such a cute idea for a theme; I love how the text for the spread has been written onto the labels. 

Incorporating any text or writing you need to include in your spread into an illustration is an easy and subtle way to include it. 

You could also use it as a theme idea for other months; for example, for December you could draw some Christmas cookies, and write the text “Merry Christmas” on the cookies. 

Random November Bullet Journal Spread Themes

These November spreads didn’t fit into a clear November category, but I wanted to include them anyway as they’re so good! 

Check them out below:

November themed bullet journal cover page doodles
Credit to @smile.sarah_

I couldn’t put this spread into just one November themed category, as it fitted so many! 

Food, hot drinks, the blustery November weather; this spread really has so many elements of Autumn included. 

If you don’t have one theme idea you want to stick to for your monthly spreads, don’t be afraid to create a page of drawings inspired by the month. 

A fun challenge would actually be to create a cover page including as many different doodles related to the month as possible.

It’s a great idea if you’re not one to plan your pages thoroughly, as you can just be really creative; it’s a chance to doodle to your heart’s content!

You can also include drawings of things that are personal to you. 

For example, if your family has bonfire night traditions, you can draw things that represent them on your November cover page.

November hot air balloon drawing bullet journal cover page
Credit to @_bujoandmore

What a beautiful November cover page! 

This illustration incorporates some November themes we’ve seen previously, such as windy weather, autumn leaves, and mushrooms. 

But the addition of the hot air balloons is so quirky! And makes the spread really unique. 

I’m also a big fan of drawings that have a border, but the art breaks through that border; it’s a real statement, and adds a lot of character to the page.

Star Inspired November bullet journal cover page
Credit to @mikaelazarifis

Created by Mikaela, this November page is so magical. 

The stars spreading across the page really helps to fill the space, and the way they go right up to the edge of the page, you can almost believe the stars are spilling over onto the next page. 

The dots also add a depth; they’re a great way to add detail to your drawings and really fill the space.

(Side note: I don’t recommend them if you’re pressed for time however, as although they look amazing, they can be quite time consuming to create!).

November typography double page bujo spread
Credit to @peachesofpaper

If you think of a spread without illustrations or doodles, you might think it will look a bit plain… But these pages proves otherwise! 

This November cover spread shows how much you can do with fonts alone. 

It’s visually exciting, with so many different styles of lettering included. Your eyes really don’t know where to stop, as there’s so much to look at! 

So if you’re not a fan of doodling, don’t feel you have to. You can totally make a really full and vibrant spread using typography only (as this November spread shows!).

November double page spread with quote
Credit to @mavidoesart

This is such a quirky November cover page! 

Created by Mavi, this spread includes a line from a poem by Emily Dickerson. It reads; 

“Because I could not stop for Death

He kindly stopped for me

The Carriage held but just Ourselves

And Immortality.”

The calligraphy is so intricate; Mavi said that it accentuates the musicality of Dickinson’s words, and I totally agree! 

I also like how the quote spills out from the brown paper at the centre and overlaps onto the white, which makes it seem almost alive and untamed.

Booked themed November cover page
Credit to @mystic_asba

This November bujo spread by Asba has such a vintage vibe.

When sticking material into your spreads, it can be easy to overdo it and add too much. 

But the layering in this spread is really well done; the different papers used create texture and depth, but without being overbearing or distracting from the main points of the spread (the imagery and text). 

I also love the idea of including a page from a book. 

You could recreate this with a page from your favourite book, or a book that’s relevant to the month (e.g a Christmas Carol for a December spread). 

And if you were looking for something to add that wasn’t text based, you could add pages from magazines, or pictures from books instead.

You can also check out Asba’s Youtube channel here:

November Bullet Journal Theme Ideas Roundup

As we’re getting to the end of the year, I hope you’re still finding these monthly bullet journal ideas helpful. 

I really enjoy seeing the different artistic approaches, and how even though they are all for the same month of November, each spread is so unique!  

And I hope they inspire you for your November journal.

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October theme ideas for your bullet journal

October Bullet Journal Themes

October bullet journal theme and ideas featured image

October is a great month for bullet journal theme ideas. 

You’ve got all the cozy themes that come with the other Autumn months, like warm sweaters, hot drinks and Pumpkins. 

But then the added bonus of being able to add some spook to your bullet journal, thanks to Halloween!

So no matter what you love about October – whether it’s cosying up, or getting into fancy dress – this list of bullet journal ideas for October will have something for you.

October Bullet Journal Theme Ideas List

Below are a list of different theme ideas you can use for your October spreads: 

  • Poisoned apples
  • Bats
  • Beer
  • Candy Corn
  • Cats
  • Devil
  • Dracula
  • Halloween
  • Harry Potter
  • Haunted House
  • Jack-o-lantern
  • Kittens
  • Mummy
  • Mushrooms
  • OktoberFest
  • Pumpkin
  • Pumpkin spiced latte
  • Scarecrows
  • Skeleton
  • Spiders
  • Spooky
  • Star Wars
  • Sugar Skull
  • Trick or Treat
  • Vampire
  • Werewolf
  • Witch
  • Zombies

October Bullet Journal Spread Inspiration

I love creating roundup posts, as it’s great to see the different theme ideas in action. 

Below are some of the best bullet journal spreads for October from Instagram. 

They’re a great mix of classic Autumn inspired spreads, and also Halloween themes!

Nature Inspired October Bullet Journal Themes

With the urge to cozy up indoors as the days start to get colder, people forget that some of the best parts of Autumn are the changes in nature! 

Below are some beautiful October themes inspired by nature:

Autumn Leaves Bujo Theme

October bullet journal page - falling autumn leaves
Credit to @amwanderia

Seeing the leaves change colour is one of my favoruite parts of Autumn, and this October cover page captures it beautifully. 

The colour palette is perfect; the majority of the leaves are brown, but the greens here and there hint that we’re not in the middle of Autumn just yet! 

I also love the typography for the header “October”. The pumpkin O is a cute touch!

Pumpkin Bullet Journal Theme

October Pumpkin Patch October bullet journal theme
Credit to @bujowith_mais

This pumpkin patch theme is so fun! 

The scarecrow doodle is super quirky, and adds a unique touch on a pumpkin theme spread. 

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box with your spreads, and put your own spin on themes. 

Remember it’s your bullet journal, so you can do whatever you want with it! 

Pumpkin themed double page spread for October bullet journal
Credit to

Above is another pumpkin inspired spread. 

Adding a small drawing around dates for each day is a subtle way to continue your theme through your spreads for the month. 

You can change up each doodle, copy each drawing exactly, or make a subtle change such as rotating the doodle slightly like Tracy has done. 

(And if you want to save time, don’t be afraid to use some stickers for your dates!).

Plant Themed Bullet Journal Page

October bullet journal page - plant bujo inspired page
Credit to @bujohome

So there’s no escaping the fact that there’s less greenery outside as Autumn rolls in. 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t add some to your bullet journal! 

I love this indoor plants theme, as it’s such a unique October cover page idea.

The greens and other vibrant colours really add some excitement to an Autumn month. 

I also think this is a great theme idea to recreate, as you can draw your own house plants (and if you’re a bit of a crazy plant lady, you’ll have plenty of inspiration to use!).

Halloween Bullet Journal themes

If you’re a lover of Halloween, your October journal is the perfect chance to show this! 

There are so many Halloween inspired themes to try, and you can check some awesome Halloween themed bujo spreads out below:

Spider Inspired October Bullet Journal Theme

Octover spider bullet journal theme page
Credit to @what_do_i_stand_4

A lot of people go over the top for Halloween, but sometimes, less is more! 

This spider themed October cover page by Kellie Ann is so subtle, thanks to its minimalistic style and colour.  

If you want to keep your spread minimal, try doing line drawings, and add one or two different colours only like Kellie Ann has done here. 

You can still create a lot of depth and fill the page, but without overcomplicating it! 

Cat Bujo Theme For October

October bullet journal cute cat themed double page spread
Credit to @_jimash_

Halloween doesn’t always have to mean scary – this cat themed October spread is so cute! 

If you want to create a Halloween inspired bujo spread but don’t want it to be scary, try taking a theme idea (like cats, pumpkins, zombies, etc) and drawing it in a cute style. 

If you’re not familiar with it, try searching “Kawaii” for some inspiration on cute drawing styles. 
You can also check out how _jimash_ created this theme in this Youtube video here.

Ghost October Bullet Journal

Cute October Halloween themed bullet journal page
Credit to @_ndm.t_

This is another super cute Halloweed cover page! 

Again, cuteness isn’t the obvious choice for Halloween, but it’s a great way to add a unique touch to your bullet journal spreads. 

It’s also a good option if you’re not a fan of scary stuff. 

Also consider how you’re using colours if you’re going for a sweet style. 

Gentler colours such as pastels or faded, lighter shades will help to add a softer touch to your spreads, like Nguyen Duc Minh Tam has done here.

Ghost October Bullet Journal

October bullet journal theme - Haunted House spread
Credit to @hardika.bujo

Having said all that about cuteness, if you want to create a scary bujo theme, Halloween is the time for it! 

This spread by Hardika is awesome – the Haunted House illustration is so well done, and I love the splash of colour with the neon green and orange here and there to brighten up the page. 

Using darker colours with lots of shading like Hardika has done here will add a sense of eeriness to your drawings. 

(But don’t be afraid to also add some colour if you want to!) 

October Bullet Journal Theme Ideas Roundup

We’ve come to the end of our October bujo theme ideas post.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading all the different theme ideas, and seeing them in action.

And now have plenty of theme ideas (for many Octobers to come!)

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If you did, check out these other posts for more bullet journal spread ideas:

Bullet Journal Themes and Ideas for October

Best September bullet journal themes to try

September BuJo Theme Ideas

September bullet journal ideas featured image

Can you believe it’s September already?!

The days are getting shorter, leaves are turning brown, and back to school content is everywhere.

Autumn has officially begun – and with it comes lots of new theme ideas for your bullet journal!

So read on for some of the best September bullet journal themes and ideas.

September Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

Below is a list of September bujo ideas that cover all different topics; back to school ideas, autumn clothing, nature, etc.

  • Apple
  • Back to school
  • Backpack
  • Berries
  • Bonfire
  • Book pile
  • Books
  • Boots
  • Campfires
  • Coffee
  • Cozy sweaters
  • Crayons
  • Desk
  • Foxes
  • Globe
  • Highlighters
  • Hoodies
  • Hot Drinks
  • Leaves
  • Lined paper
  • Lunchbox
  • Mushrooms
  • Notebook
  • Notebooks
  • Oak Leaves
  • Pencils
  • Pinecones
  • Plaid
  • Rulers
  • Scarecrow
  • Scarves
  • School building
  • Schoolbus
  • Scissors
  • Squirrels
  • Stationery
  • Stationery
  • Trees
  • Wine

September Bullet Journal Spread Inspiration

It’s great to see bujo theme ideas in action, and celebrate people’s work.

So below are some amazing bullet journal spreads for September from Instagram:

Nature inspired September bullet journal themes

September floral bullet journal theme idea
Credit to @colourandplan

This floral September spread is so sweet! 

This spread is really pushing the last of the warm, summer vibes, before the colder months start to take over and the leaves start to brown. 

The little ladybugs are also so cute!

September nature themed cover page for bullet journal
Credit to @bujobylarissa

This is another beautiful nature inspired September cover page. 

Layering colours and doodles is a great way to add a lot of depth to your cover page, like Larissa has done here. 

You can slowly build up your layers, and decide when you think your page is looking full enough as you go along.

Mushroom Themed Bullet Journal Spreads for September

I love mushroom doodles; there’s something so magical about them! 

Check out these beautiful mushroom inspired bujo spreads from Instagram below:

Mushroom September bullet journal spread
Credit to @fionacatecreates

This mushroom double page spread is a wonderful recreation of @lalipop.lettering’s work by Fiona.

The mushroom doodles are so quirky, and to put them in a ring to create a mushroom circle is genius! 

The colour palette is perfect for September; browns, reds and oranges are classic autumn colours, but the yellow adds some unexpected vibrant touches.

September bujo idea - Mushroom September cover page
Credit to @haes.bujo

Here is another mushroom inspired spread for September. 

Created by Haleigh, I love the simplicity of this spread; the beautiful mushroom drawing in the center of the page and the “September” title in minimalist font is all the cover page really needs.

The “Welcome Autumn” quote on the first page is also a really nice touch, especially written on the brown paper to add some texture to the spread.

Coffee themed Bullet Journal Spreads for September

Okay, so coffee isn’t necessarily a September specific theme (especially if you’re a coffee fan like me, and you’re drinking it all year round!). 

But hot drinks are definitely a great September theme idea, and no doubt your feeds are filling up with Pumpkin Spice everything (did you know Starbucks releases Pumpkin Spice Latte at the end of August?!). 

Check out these coffee inspired bullet journal themes below:

September coffee bullet journal theme idea
Credit to @paynesgrey.paper

This September cover page is minimal yet still full, thanks to the detail and shading in the coffee illustration. 

Adding detail and shading to your doodles is a great way to really fill the page up without having to actually draw more images. 

Especially adding colour – it really helps to make the page pop!

Coffee bullet journal theme for September
Credit to

Above is another beautiful coffee inspired September bujo spread. 

Remember, you don’t have to stick to one shade of colour in your spreads; here Eri has used a range of browns and even orange here and there to create a real warm and cozy vibe. 

I also love the quote at the top of the page, which reads “maybe she’s born with it, maybe it is caffeine”. It’s a funny twist on the classic Maybelline ads!

Desk Bullet Journal Theme

Whether it’s back to school, college, or university, September means returning to education for a lot of people. 

So I had to include a spread that was relevant to that! 

Check out this super cute desk themed bujo spread below:

September desk themed bullet journal cover page
Credit to @pauligrafia

This theme idea of a desk is such a cool idea; you could easily put your own spin on it, and create a spread inspired by your own workspace. 

I also love the little post-its drawn onto the grid board, including the small note to stay positive. What a great way to add some reminders to your spread!

The pastel colour palette is so sweet, and a great way to add something unexpected to an Autumn spread. 

Random September Bullet Journal Spreads

I always find such beautiful bullet journal spreads that I simply have to share them, even if they don’t have a clear category. 

So below are some September bujo spreads that didn’t fit under any of the previous themes, but are too good not to share!

Teddy Bear Picnic September bullet journal theme idea
Credit to @serene.journals

This September spread by Annie is adorable.

When I first saw this page I thought the images were doodles, but believe it or not they’re washis! 

Washis and stickers are such a good idea if you’re not one for drawing (or even if you are, but just want to save a bit of time when creating your spreads!). 

There are so many beautiful stickers out there, you’re sure to find some that suit your theme. 
You can also check out this post on the best bullet journal supplies to find some sticker and washi tape recommendations!

September dreamcatcher inspired bullet journal cover page
Credit to @manais_fairy

This is such a unique dreamcatcher themed spread. 

The dreamcatcher is not shaped like the typical round ones, but instead has been drawn in the shape of a crescent moon, which adds to the mystical vibe. 

This theme would be easy to carry for spreads throughout the rest of September.

Some colourful feather doodles and sparkles here and there around your spread, and it’s on theme! 

Pastel September cover page idea
Credit to @mavidoesart

This September spread by Mavi is a beautiful recreation of work by @juliannedoodles

The colour palette is so sweet (if you can’t tell by now, I’m a massive fan of pastel colours). 

I love the layering of the different doodles, including the cotton candy-like clouds drawn in front of the middle illustration; it really makes the page pop! 

Remember, if you’re really into drawing, use your cover page to draw to your heart’s content. All you need is a header for the month, and the rest of the space can be for drawing.

Or better yet, you can include the title for the month in your doodle, like Mavi has done here! 

September Bullet Journal Themes Roundup

After months of summer spreads, I hope these September bujo themes have been helpful in kicking off your first Autumn bullet journal spread of the year. 

And if you’re a bit sad that summer is over, hopefully this post has shown you all the things you’ve got to look forward to in Autumn!

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September Bujo Inspiration

50 Best Quotes on Stress Relief

Quotes For Stress Relief

Best Quotes on Stress Relief Featured Image

Stress can hit us in a number of different ways. 

From stress at work, to stress at home and in our personal lives, stress can come from many different parts of our lives. 

Looking for words of wisdom to provide some stress relief? 

Check out these amazing quotes all about stress (AKA how to relieve stress to be stress free!).

The Best Stress Free Quotes

  • Every day brings a choice; to practice stress or to practice peace. – Joan Borysenko
  • Inhale calmness, exhale stress. – Anon
  • When it rains look for rainbows, when it’s dark look for stars. – Oscar Wilde
  • Tension is who you think you should be, relaxation is who you are. – Chinese Proverb 
  • Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax. – Mark Black
  • Life is short, smile while you still have teeth. –
Quote on smiling for stress relief
Credit to @myga.__lerie

I love this fun quote about happiness. 

Created by Beti, it’s a great quote to have as a reminder to keep smiling. 

The bear doodle at the bottom is also super cute! 

  • It’s not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it. – Hans Selye
  • Stress should be a powerful driving force, not an obstacle. – Bill Phillips
  • The truth is that stress doesn’t come from your boss, your kids, your spouse, traffic jams, health challenges, or other circumstances. It comes from your thoughts about your circumstances. – Andrew Bernstein
  • Life moves forward pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while you could miss it.
Stress relief quote on mindfulness
Credit to @inguz.lettering

This quote by Inken is a great reminder to slow down and appreciate what’s around you. 

It works perfectly with the beautiful flower drawings, and is a beautiful quote on staying stress free to refer back to as she’s completing her bullet journal throughout the month.

  • Much of the stress that people feel doesn’t come from having too much to do. It comes from not finishing what they’ve started. – David Allen
  • We are living under the collective delusion that in order to succeed we have to burnout along the way. – Arianna Huffington
  • Stress is not what happens to us. It’s our response to what happens. And response is something we can choose. – Maureen Killoran
  • Don’t worry, Be Happy. –
Happiness quote - Don't worry, Bee Happy
Credit to @ck_journals

This is a simple quote on happiness that many people will have heard of before, but the way it’s been illustrated by Camille is really beautiful! 

I love the clever take on the wording to make it a bee themed spread. 

The yellows and oranges in the drawing also add to the warm, happy vibe!

  • The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another meaning – William James
  • Stress is an ignorant state. it believes that everything is an emergency. Nothing is that important. – Natalie Goldberg
  • Don’t stress over things you can’t change. – Anon
  • Live your life joyfully. –
Live your life joyfully quote
Credit to @pretty.and.papered

This is a really simple quote on happiness, but has been beautifully drawn by Emily. 

She’s used a stunning colour palette, and the flower doodles around the quote are so sweet.

  • The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it. – Sydney J. Harris
  • Don’t let your mind bully your body into believing it must carry the burden of its worries. – Astrid Alauda
  • Stress is the trash of modern life–we all generate it, but if you don’t dispose of it properly, it will pile up and overtake your life. – Danzae Pace
  • Be your own reason to smile. –
Be your own reason to smile Happiness Quote
Credit to @alicesbujo_

I love this quote! 

It was created by Alice in February, where some people can feel quite lonely because of Valentine’s Day. 

But this cute quote on self love is a great reminder to be kind to yourself.

  • Meditation is the only way to freedom from stress as it is a dimension beyond the mind. All the stress and struggle are of the mind. – Jaggi Vasudev
  • Today I will not stress over things I cannot control – Anon
  • Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths. – Etty Hillesum
  • If it can be solved, there’s no need to worry, and if it can’t be solved, worry is of no use. – Dalai Lama XIV
  • There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow, so today is the right day to love, believe, do and mostly live. – Dalai Lama XIV
  • We do not control everything and we cannot control everything – Anon
  • The darkest hour only has 60 minutes. – Morris Mandel
  • You don’t have to control your thoughts. You just have to stop letting them control you. – Dan Millman
  • The sun will always shine, even if you don’t see it. –
Quote on positivity
Credit to @ashna.journals_

This is an absolutely gorgeous quote page by Ashna. 

The quote on positivity has been brought to life beautifully, and the sunflower doodles alongside the quote really add to the design.

  • It’s just a bad day, not a bad life. – Sigrid
  • It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it. – Lou Holtz
  • You can’t pour from an empty cup. – Anon
  • You can do anything but not everything. – David Allen
  • Even the busiest of bees stop to smell the flowers. –
Relaxation bullet journal quote
Credit to @thepeachybujo
  • Let go of all the could haves. If it should have, it would have – Anon 
  • There is more to life than increasing its speed. – Mahatma Gandhi
  • For fast-acting relief, try slowing down. – Lily Tomlin
  • Tension is a habit. Relaxing is a habit. Bad habits can be broken, good habits formed. – William James
  • Life is tough my darling, but so are you. – Stephanie Bennett Henry
  • A year from now, everything you are stressing about won’t even matter. – Anon
  • Set peace of mind as your highest goal, and organize your life around it. – Brian Tracy
  • Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax. –
Relaxation quote drawing
Credit to @thejournalcorner

This is another bee inspired quote on happiness, and taking a step back to appreciate what you have. 

Created by Lexi, this quote is the perfect reminder to relax, and enjoy life! 

And is the perfect quote on being stress free to include in a bullet journal.

  • You must learn to let go. Release the stress. You were never in control anyway. – Steve Maraboli
  • Stop focusing on how stressed you are and remember how blessed you are. – Anon
  • Don’t believe every worried thought you have. Worried thoughts are notoriously inaccurate. – Renee Jain
  • No one can create negativity or stress within you. Only you can do that by virtue of how you process your world. – Wayne W. Dyer
  • Stress is caused by being “here” but wanting to be “there.” – Eckhart Tolle
  • It is not a daily increase, but a daily decrease. Hack away at the inessentials. – Bruce Lee

Stress Free Quotes Roundup

I hope you have enjoyed reading these quotes on stress relief! 

These words of wisdom should help you feel more relaxed in moments of stress.

List of Quotes on Stress Relief

21 August theme ideas for your bullet journal

August BuJo Theme Ideas

August bujo theme ideas and summer journal inspiration

It’s August, which means the last month of Summer! 

Before you know it the summer holidays will be over, and back to school content will be everywhere. 

If you’re looking for some final summer bujo ideas for your August spread, read on.

August Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

Check out some cool August bullet journal theme ideas below: 

  • Anchor
  • BBQs
  • Beer
  • Beaches
  • Bike rides 
  • Bikinis
  • Boats 
  • Boat parties
  • Bubbles
  • Bucket and spade 
  • Cacti
  • Camp site
  • Clouds
  • Crabs 
  • Cucumber
  • Dresses 
  • Festivals
  • Flip flops 
  • Flowers 
  • Frisbee
  • Fruit
  • Grass
  • Hats 
  • Hikes 
  • Ice cream 
  • Iced drinks
  • Insects
  • Kayak
  • Kite
  • Lawn
  • Lemonade
  • Meadow
  • Mermaids 
  • Ocean
  • Paddleboard
  • Palm leaves
  • Parasol
  • Pineapples 
  • Postcards
  • Sand
  • Sandals 
  • Sandcastles 
  • Sea creatures
  • Seahorse
  • Shells
  • Shorts
  • Skirts
  • Starfish
  • Strawberries 
  • Sunny days 
  • Sunglasses 
  • Sunscreen 
  • Surfboard 
  • Swimwear 
  • Tropical 
  • T-Shirt
  • Watermelon 

August Bullet Journal Spread Inspiration

I find lists of bullet journal ideas helpful, but there’s nothing quite like seeing some theme ideas in action. 

So below is a roundup of some August bullet journal spreads from Instagram!

Nature inspired Bullet Journal Spreads

Nature is a great idea for a bullet journal theme for August. 

The sky is blue, the sun is shining bright, the grass is green and flowers are blooming. 

(Can you tell I love summer?!). 

Below are some amazing bullet journal spreads inspired by nature: 

August bullet journal cover page - desert illustration
Credit to @honeynfawn

What a beautiful illustration! 

Created by @honeynfawn, this drawing is a really unique, quirky concept. 

It’s perfect for August; it’s almost as if you can feel the heat of the desert when looking at it! 

If you’re someone who loves drawing, you can totally use a cover page as a space to be creatively free. 

A cover page can literally just have the title for the month in (like the above example), and then whatever you want to draw alongside it! 

Panda themed August bullet journal cover page
Credit to

I love this Panda themed cover page by Valentina. 

Similar to the previous image, here is another example of a cover page for August that consists of the August header and a drawing. 

If you look through her other work on Instagram, Valentina is definitely a talented illustrator.

Her lettering is beautiful, and her drawings have a definitive style; she can really bring things to life!

So if you’re a creative person who loves to draw, a cover page for the month is the perfect place to show that off! 

Beachy Themed Bullet Journal Spread

August bullet journal beach themed spread
Credit to @fenella_paint

The beach is such a good idea for a summer bujo spread, and this is a perfect is example!

I love the way it’s split between the sand and the sea; there’s real attention to detail, with the border colour being split to match the background. 

This is an idea that would be easy to replicate, with shells, starfish, maybe even a beach umbrella on the sand at the top, and then lots of sea creatures in the ocean at the bottom of the pages!

Sea Themed Spread for Summer

Sea themed August bullet journal spread
Credit to @haven.journal

Above is a cool example of a sea themed spread for August. 

The layered border adds texture to the pages, and the use of space draws the eye to the center where the August header and fish drawings are. 

I also love the quote that’s included, which is “individually we are one drop, together we are an ocean”. 

It works so well with the theme! 

Floral Summer BuJo Spread for Summer

I love a floral theme for a summer bullet journal spread. 

Below are some beautiful floral bujo spreads:

Floral August bullet journal cover page with flower stickers
Credit to @mixesandcrafts

This floral themed cover page for August is so elegant! 

I love the use of stickers here; sometimes you mention stickers and bullet journal-ers are put off, because they can be tacky. 

But there are some really sophisticated ones out there (like the beautiful floral stickers used here!). 

So don’t be afraid to use stickers in your spread, as they can really help to make your spread look good (and also save time).

Sunflower Bullet Journal Themes

Sunflowers are a great flower to create a theme around for an August bullet journal spread. 

They’re so vibrant, and are certain to bring warmth to any summer layout! 

Here are some sunflower bullet journal spreads from Instagram:

August sunflower themed double page bullet journal spread
Credit to @liltamio

Above is a beautiful double page spread for August that uses lots of different theme ideas alongside sunflowers, including bees, bananas, and even Lilo & Stitch! 

If you’re not one for drawing, you can still create a stunning bullet journal spread; use stickers and washi tape in your spreads to create lots of texture, just like the spread pictured above. 

August bullet journal cover page - Sunflower themed page
Credit to @journal.with.grace

Here is another beautiful bullet journal spread inspired by sunflowers, but this time using mostly coloured pens.

Whereas in the previous spread the sunflowers were subtly mixed in with other theme ideas, this cover page is really all about sunflowers, no question!

They’re bold and beautiful, and create real summer vibes.  

A great idea for a cover page is to take your theme idea and draw it very large – it’s a simple way to really fill a page up.

Then if you have good colouring pens (you can see the best pens to add colour to a bullet journal spread here), you can colour these large drawings in; this will allow you to add plenty of colour to the page. 

Just make sure you have plenty of coloured pens to use!

Butterfly BuJo Theme

Butterfly August bujo spread
Credit to @nulsartsandcrafts

Butterflies make for such magical bullet journal spreads. 

The spread pictured above is no exception; mixed with the mushroom illustrations and details in the background, it creates a really mystical vibe! 

I also love the warm colour palette for the butterfly and flower. 

It’s important to consider the colours you are using when creating your bullet journal designs, as they can really add to the atmosphere of your spreads.

For an August bullet journal theme, it’s a great idea to use bright and warm colours; think sunshine yellow, vivid green grass, etc.

Luna moth themed bullet journal cover page for August
Credit to @inertia_cf

These aren’t exactly butterflies, but they’re so beautiful that they come pretty close! 

Above is an elegant August cover page inspired by Luna moths. 

Similar to previous examples, Maureen has created the cover page so it consists of just the “August” title for the month, and then has used the rest of the space to draw the beautiful Luna moths. 

Moths aren’t the obvious choice for a nature theme, but these are absolutely stunning! 

And help to establish a theme colour of green for any spreads for the rest of the month.

Succulent Bullet Journal Spread

I’m a bit of a crazy plant lady at heart, so I love a bullet journal theme that focuses on plants.

Check out this cool succulent inspired August cover page below:

August cover page image - minimal succulent themed illustration
Credit to @cloud._.doodles

It’s a great theme to carry on throughout the month as well, as you can draw different plants hanging in numerous ways (hanging in baskets, spilling over their containers, macrame, etc).  

I also enjoy the simplicity of this page. 

It’s a perfect example of if you don’t want to fill up the page, you don’t have to; the space around your creation is just as important!

Food Inspired BuJo Spread

Food themed mood and habit tracker for August (with stickers)
Credit to @therapy4emily

Here’s a super cute August mood and habit tracker inspired by food.  

The graph layout for the mood tracker is SUCH a good idea – I don’t know why more people don’t use this layout! 

It makes it so easy to see the ups and downs in mood once the tracker has been completed. 

Plus these dessert stickers are awesome!

Bicycle Bullet Journal Theme

Cycling is another cool bullet journal theme idea for August, as it’s the perfect weather for bike rides (even if it does get a little bit hot!)

Bike themed August bullet journal cover page
Credit to @jukebox_journal

Above is a beautiful bicycle themed cover page for August. 

It’s simple but super sweet, and is everything about it is summer; the sunny yellow, the cute flowers, etc. 

Themes that have a main focus and then smaller details allow you to decide which elements you carry through to the rest of the spreads for the month. 

For example, Julia has used both a bike illustration as the centerpiece of the page, and then also added little flower doodles and splashes of yellow around it. 

She can carry the theme throughout the rest of the August spreads by either drawing more cycling themed illustrations, or adding the flower doodles and hints of yellow if she wants to keep it simple!

Travel Bullet Journal August Spread

Plenty of people are enjoying summer vacations and going on holidays during August, so a travel inspired spreads is a great idea. 

Below is a stunning travel themed August cover page:

Nautical map cover page for August bullet journal
Credit to @fernbujo

This theme is described by the creator Abbey as “Nautical treasure map vibes”, which is spot on! 

I like the idea of using a map as part of a theme for a bujo spread.

To make it personal, you can draw a map outline of a place you are visiting if you’re going on holiday that month. For example, Abbey said she chose this theme idea as she was taking a journey by the sea that month, and moving to Wales (which is where I’m from!).

I like the use of blue to add to the sea idea. You can add colour to your map to add to that theme, such as a green map if you’re visiting the countryside.

Fruit Bullet Journal August Spread

I always like to include examples of fruity themes for summer spreads. 

Below is a cool citrus inspired spread:

Citrus fruit August bujo cover page image
Credit to @bujojordan

I’m a big fan of repeat patterns for themes, as they’re quite simple to create, but look awesome! 

You can also change up each repeat if you want to make it a bit more interesting. 

Like Jordan has done in the cover page above, you can add some colour and alternate the colour of each repeat, or you can add different patterns to each repeat, etc.

Ice Cream Bullet Journal Theme

You really can’t cover August bullet journal theme ideas without including ice cream! 

Below are some ice cream inspired spreads from Instagram:

Ice Cream double page spread for August bujo
Credit to @valovanity

This August double page spread by Julia is beautiful! 

It’s a really sophisticated take on an ice cream inspired spread; I love the subtle shades of orange and brown used.  

Julia mentions the ice cream included is a creamsicle, which is not actually something I’d heard of!

As it’s not a common treat in the UK.

Ice Cream double page August spread
Credit to @_bujoandmore_

Above is another example of an ice cream spread for August. 

The colour palette is beautiful, and works beautifully with the different ice cream doodles. 

I also love the quote on the left page. It’s a fun way to start off the spread! 

Including a quote is a great idea if you’re creating a double page spread for the start of the month. 

Same as Anna has done here, you can put a quote on one page, and the month header with an illustration on the other page.

Kite Bullet Journal Spread

August Kite Cover Page for August
Credit to @ok.bujo

This kite inspired August cover page is really sweet. 

It’s quite a simple design, with just line drawings of kites and a bit of colour, but the way the kites are drawn makes real good use of the space; they really fill the page! 

The theme design is very clear, and the kite drawings will definitely feature through the spreads for the rest of the month.

Minimalist August Spread

Minimalist August bujo cover page
Credit to @sunsetti.studios

People think your spreads need to be big, bold designs, with the more going on the better. 

But your spreads really don’t need to be complicated to look good.

This minimalistic August cover page by Hallie is subtle and sweet. 

There’s some quirky lettering for the August header, some line drawing, a bit of colour… and that’s all it really needs to look completed!  

So don’t think you need to keep adding more and filling the page for your designs; sometimes less is more.

Mythical Bullet Journal Theme

Double page mythical bullet journal spread
Credit to @mystic_splash20

I am OBSESSED with this mythical August spread by Asba. 

The colours, the quote, the mushroom houses; everything about it is amazing. 

I also like the inclusion of a vertical dutch door.

A dutch door is when you cut down some of the page in a spread, like Asba has done here by cutting around the mushroom drawing on the right page. 

This is an easy way to add a little something extra to your double page spreads! 

You can also check out Asba’s Youtube channel here:

Random Bullet Journal August Theme Ideas

Below are some awesome bullet journal spreads for August. 

They have their own stand alone category, as they’re so unique!

Mean Girls bullet journal spread
Credit to @roshi_san

This Mean Girls inspired spread is so much fun! 

Created by Roshisan, this theme is instantly recognisable; as soon as I saw this I knew it was Mean Girls (before I even read the quote). 

Movie inspired themes are a brilliant idea for a bullet journal theme, as they give you so much to work with. 

You can take visuals from the movie, and draw iconic scenes, characters, or even just a colour palette.

Quotes from the film can also be used, or lyrics from your favourite songs (whether it’s a musical, or just has a great soundtrack!). 

I really recommend visiting Roshisan’s Instagram profile and looking through her Mean Girls bullet journal spreads. The bunny ears mood tracker is awesome! 

Credit to @x_anya.journals_x

This Tokyo inspired illustration by Anya is beautiful. 

The colour palette is subtle, but helps bring the drawing to life, and the little details are perfect; the lettering for the August header is so well done. 

If you’re artistic and like to draw (like Anya), I recommend thinking of a design for your monthly cover page that incorporates the monthly header into the drawing somehow. 

It means you can have a whole page just to draw in (and keep the tracker stuff for the rest of the spreads).

August Bullet Journal Themes Roundup

Now we’re at the end of this post, a massive thank you to all the creators who contributed their work to help inspire others! 

And if you were reading this post looking for August theme ideas, I hope you now have plenty of ideas. 

(In fact, you should have enough for many summers to come!)

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16 July bullet journal ideas

July Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

July bullet journal ideas featured image

Thinking of a July bullet journal spread can be a bit tricky. 

You’re over halfway through the year, so you’ve already created spreads for the last 6 months.

But the good thing about July is that summer is here, no question! 

And you can create some gorgeous summer themed bullet journal spreads. 

This post is all about July bujo spreads, to help give you some ideas for your July bullet journal theme!

July Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

There’s no doubt about it; a July spread is definitely a summer spread!

So the majority of theme suggestions will be summer inspired.

Check out some cool July bullet journal theme ideas below: 

  • BBQs
  • Beachball
  • Beach umbrellas
  • Bees
  • Bike rides 
  • Bikinis
  • Boats 
  • Boat parties
  • Bubbles
  • Bucket and spade 
  • Cacti
  • Campervan 
  • Camping 
  • Cocktails
  • Coolers
  • Crabs 
  • Dresses 
  • Flip flops 
  • Flowers 
  • Fruit
  • Hikes 
  • Ice cream 
  • Iced drinks
  • Ice lollies
  • Lemon
  • Lemonade
  • Lighthouse
  • Mermaids 
  • Ocean
  • Palm trees 
  • Picnics
  • Pineapples 
  • Postcards
  • Sand
  • Sandals 
  • Sandcastles 
  • Sea
  • Sea creatures
  • Shells
  • Snails 
  • Starfish
  • Strawberries 
  • Sunny days 
  • Sunglasses 
  • Sunscreen 
  • Surfboard 
  • Swimwear 
  • Tropical 
  • Watermelon 

July Bullet Journal Spread Inspiration

Want to see some of these theme ideas in action?

Below are some amazing July bullet journal themes from Instagram!

Shell Bullet Journal July Spread

There’s something kinda magical about shells! 

And they make for a great bujo theme idea. 

Check out these shell themed bullet journal spreads below: 

July bullet journal theme idea - shell bullet journal cover page
Credit to @unicorn_lev

I LOVE this shell themed cover page for July! 

Pink isn’t an obvious choice for shells or a summer themed spread, but the mix of pastel candy floss colours and vivid barbie pinks that border red give the page lots of depth. 

I also love the combination of the different types of shells mixed in with the bubbles. Super fun! (And gives me big “The Little Mermaid” vibes!).

July bujo theme shells page
Credit to @bujowithcam_

Here’s another super cute shell themed bullet journal spread. 

This one uses blues, greens and purples. 

These tones aren’t an obvious choice for a July bullet journal spread (because it’s so hot, and these colours are cool), but it works really well with the shells and under the sea theme.

Under the Sea Bullet Journal Spread

July bujo idea under the sea bullet journal cover page
Credit to @just.a.bulletjournal

Under the sea is a great theme idea for a July spread, and the above cover page is a super fun example. 

A window on a ship or submarine that shows the vibrant sea life is a brilliant way to do this theme; you can really let your imagination run wild and fill the window with a beautiful seascape like this example, but not have to worry about filling the whole page. 

The mix of vibrant colours and bustling sea life in the window really makes it pop against the plain background!

Sun Bullet Journal Spread for July

Who thinks of summer and doesn’t think of sun? 

A sun inspired spread is a beautiful theme idea for a July bujo spread. 

Check out these warm and wonderful sun themed bullet journal spreads below:

July bullet journal sun theme
Credit to @hannahjbujo

This sunny July cover page is so vibrant and upbeat! 

The page border of unique patterned suns really makes the page pop, and allows Hannah to use a mix of different shades of oranges and yellows to create a warm, happy vibe for her July cover page! 

Repeat patterns are always a great idea for a spread, as you know exactly what you need to draw, and you can repeat the design as much or as little as you like.  

But if you don’t want to try and replicate the exact same doodle, you can do a similar thing as above, and mix up the colours and patterns slightly for each repeat!

July sunny bujo cover page idea
Credit to @toahsticccc

This sun inspired cover page by Melody is really quirky. 

It’s everything summer; green grass, a happy, smiling sun, soft fluffy clouds… And then has a few little surprises thrown in. 

I also get 90s vibes from it (I think from the smiley faces!).

Floral July Bullet Journal Spread

Flowers are another great bujo theme idea for July, as plants are in full bloom, enjoying the sunshine (just like us!). 

Below are some gorgeous floral themed bullet journal spreads for July: 

July floral bullet journal doodle
Credit to @eighty.dots

This July cover page is colourful, with bright yellows, pins, oranges, reds, greens, and browns.

I love the beautiful flower illustrations too; the different types of flowers drawn as though they are growing behind the letters add a lot of depth to the page.

The spotty pattern for the bubble print text really helps to make it pop!

July spread - flower bullet journal spread
Credit to @griffin_valkyrie

The flowers on this July cover page are beautifully drawn. 

If you’re artistic and like to use your bullet journal to draw and be creative, you can definitely make space for your art! 

Plan your spreads carefully so the important details are covered, and leave plenty of room to create illustrations in. 

Griffin has done exactly that here; the page on the right covers all the important stuff that need to be tracked in the spread, and then the left cover page is free to draw in! 

Lavender bullet journal spread for July
Credit to @colourandplan

Focusing on a specific type of flower for a spread is a great idea, like this gorgeous lavender inspired bujo spread above. 

Choosing a flower to focus on allows you to pick a theme colour and work with it in your spread. 

(Plus, there are so many different types of flowers to choose from, that you can pick whatever theme colour you’d like for your spread!)

July flower inspired cover page
Credit to @plannedandplanted

On the flip side, you can totally have a flower themed spread without any colour at all. 

This floral spread above is a stunning example of a beautiful floral bullet journal spread without any colour. 

I love the layout of this bullet journal spread; it’s quite unusual with the heading going down the page, and the border on the right with the flowers bursting through here and there is a lovely touch.

You check also check out Emily’s blog here!:

July pink and blue floral bullet journal spread
Credit to @andiajournals

Here’s another stunning floral themed bullet journal spread for July. 

I love the mix of colours, and the illustration at the bottom right is beautiful.

This is a great example of a spread with a beautiful theme that still has a clear purpose. 

You can design your spread by starting with planning a layout for tracking, and then add in doodles and elements to create a theme in the remaining space.

Fruit Bullet Journal Spread for July

Another great theme idea for your July bullet journal spread is fruit. 

Below are some really cool fruit themed bullet journal pages perfect for July:

July bullet journal spread - fruit themed font
Credit to @mikey_c_bujo

The lettering for this July cover page is so unique! 

Taking a heading and using doodles in the lettering is a really cool way to include illustrations in your spread.

It takes a lot of skill to ensure the drawings fill the space correctly so they appear to make the shape of a letter. 

If you’re not a great illustrator, this look may be a bit tricky for you.

However, one way to make it a bit easier to recreate is to not do free hand; if you very gently draw out your bubble letters in pencil, fill them with your doodles in pen, and then rub out the bubble font outline, it should look really good!

Strawberry bullet journal cover page for July
Credit to @emma_art_3995

Here is another beautiful example of a fruit themed cover page for July, created by Emma (you can check out this post on June bujo ideas to see more of her work!).

The pinks and reds for the strawberries creates a really warm, vibrant look, perfect for a summer bullet journal spread. 

The mixture of strawberries in full colour and just an outline also adds depth to the page; it’s a great idea for if you’re doing a repeat pattern, but don’t want to colour in all your repeats!

Watermelon July Bullet Journal Spread

Watermelon bullet journal spread idea for July
Credit to @paperairplanez1

This super cute spread really incorporates watermelon in every way possible. 

The colours are watermelon inspired, the illustrations… even the dates in the boxes use green and pink! 

The watermelon in its different stages is also a nice touch; the whole watermelon, half watermelon, and slices. 

It reminds me of the old Jaffa Cake adverts where you see the Jaffa cake being eaten in different stages! And it would be easy to recreate this idea with other fruits or foods.

Ice Cream July Bullet Journal Spread

Ice cream doodle July bujo cover page
Credit to @sofiasbulletjournalshop

Let’s face it; summer really is the best time for ice cream! 

And it makes the perfect bujo spread theme for July. 

This ice cream inspired July cover page by Sofia is so cute; the colours go together so well, and the ice cream van illustration with the melting ice cream on top is a super quirky touch. 

People think they need to go overboard with their spreads and keep adding more, but Sofia shows all you need is a cool drawing and a heading to make a perfect bullet journal page!

Unique July Bullet Journal Spread Ideas

Lastly, here are some cool July bullet journal spreads from instagram. 

I couldn’t think of a category for them, but they were too fun not to share! 

Check them out below:

Moon and clouds bullet journal illustration
Credit to @spacecaldas

This is a super quirky July cover page. 

I love the mix of colours; in particular the red moon is very unique! 

I’m also a big fan of drawings that are in a box or circle, but then break out of the circle slightly, like in this example with the cloud at the bottom. 

Having a set space for drawing and doodling in is a good way to keep your spreads looking neat and tidy, and also isn’t as daunting as having the whole page to work with!

July dinosaur bullet journal theme inspo
Credit to @paigejacquelinejournaling

I love this dinosaur bullet journal spread.

The pastel colours are so cute, and together with the dinosaur doodles gives it a young, child friendly look. 

You can see if you look closely that the dinosaur doodles are mostly coloured shapes, with a bit of line drawing added on top. 

If you’re not a big fan of really detailed drawing this method for adding doodles is a great idea, as it’s simple to do but still looks really good. 

You start by drawing a coloured shape, and then you add some line drawing here and there to make the shape resemble something (in this case Paige has added spikes, spots, and a lil’ face on each colour blob, to make them resemble cute dinosaurs!). 

Really easy to recreate, and looks AMAZING… But doesn’t require a tonne of artistic skills for your spread!

July Bullet Journal Themes Roundup

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post on July bujo ideas. 

Hopefully they have given you plenty of theme ideas for your July spread!

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June Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

Ideas for June Bullet Journal

Need a cool bullet journal theme for June? 

June is a stange, crossover month; some people are still clinging onto spring… Whilst others are fully embracing the summer heat waves and beach days. 

This means that for your June bullet journal, you get the best of both worlds! 

You can either create a final spring inspired theme, or get the summer vibes in. 

Read on to get inspired for your June bullet journal, including June theme ideas and inspiration! 

What Do You Put in a Summer Bullet Journal?

June is definitely a month of positive vibes. 

You can use warm, bright colors; lots of warm yellows, blue skies, and bright greens, pinks, and oranges. 

Summer inspired doodles are also a great addition to a June bujo spread.

Do I Need A Theme For My Bujo Spread?

The short answer is: no, you don’t need a theme for a bullet journal spread.

However, they are super fun to create! And help give your spread a bit of life.

June Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

Below are some cute ideas for a June bullet journal spread:

  • BBQs
  • Beach balls
  • Beach
  • Bees
  • Bike rides 
  • Birds 
  • Boats 
  • Bucket and spade 
  • Butterflies 
  • Campervan 
  • Camping 
  • Cocktails
  • Crabs 
  • Dresses 
  • Fish
  • Flip flops 
  • Flowers 
  • Fruit
  • Gardening 
  • Hikes 
  • Honey 
  • Ice cream 
  • Ice lollies
  • Ladybirds 
  • Lambs
  • Lemonade
  • Lighthouse
  • Mermaids 
  • Ocean
  • Palm trees 
  • Picnics
  • Pineapples 
  • Plants 
  • Rainbows 
  • Sandals 
  • Sandcastles 
  • Sea
  • Seashells 
  • Snails 
  • Starfish 
  • Sun 
  • Sunglasses 
  • Sunscreen 
  • Surfboard 
  • Swimwear 
  • Tropical 
  • Umbrellas 
  • Watermelon 
  • Waves

June Bujo Spread Inspiration

Below are some beautiful bullet journal spread ideas for June, created by the awesome people of Instagram!

Rainbow Bullet Journal Spread

Rainbows are undoubtedly a great idea for your June bujo spread. 

Not only because they’re summery and give positive vibes, but because June is pride month! Which can be represented with rainbows. 

Below are some amazing rainbow inspired bullet journal spreads:

June bullet journal spread; rainbow bujo spread
Credit to @bullet_journal_today

Sometimes rainbows can verge on the childish side, but this spread by @bullet_journal_today is anything but! 

It’s a really classy and artistic rainbow inspired spread; I love the way the rainbow spills across the double page, and isn’t conventional in its shape. 

Don’t feel that incorporating rainbows into your spread has to be by the book; as Lucy shows here, your rainbow can take on any shape, and still look amazing! 

Rainbow bullet journal cover page for June
Credit to @buj.o_ff

Here is another great example of a rainbow theme that looks sophisticated. 

This spread by @buj.o_ff is a beautiful pride inspired bujo theme for June. 

The layered bubble font on the rainbow background is giving me serious 60s vibes!

Pride bujo spread; rainbow love hearts "happy pride month" bullet journal spread
Credit to @studyreadlove

Above is a really sweet and fun rainbow bujo spread for June, created by @studyreadlove. 

This is another pride inspired spread, with the rainbow colours and “happy pride month” quote in the cute hearts. The hearts remind me of the love heart sweets!

Again, this is another great example of creating a rainbow theme with vivid colours used throughout; you don’t have to draw horse shoe shaped rainbows in your spreads (if you don’t want to!). 

Rainbow bujo spread for june; pastel rainbow bullet journal cover page
Credit to @emma_art_3995

This is a super cute rainbow bullet journal spread created by @emma_art_3995. 

The repeat pattern of the rainbows and stars really fill the page. 

I love the use of the traditional rainbow shape, but that Emma decided not to incorporate the traditional colours of the rainbow; instead she used a very soft and feminine colour palette, sticking to different shades of pinks, browns, and yellows. 

Flower Bullet Journal Spread

Flowers are another great idea for a June bullet journal theme. 

The flowers are blooming from spring, but are now thriving in the sunshine! 

Below are some amazing flower bullet journal spreads for June:

Flower bullet journal page with "Goodbye June" quote
Credit to @magicalflyingpigs

Sometimes, all a spread needs is a few little flower doodles here and there to make it super cute! 

I love this “Goodbye June” page to finish off the June spread created by 

@magicalflyingpigs; the cute flowers in purple and pink remind me of the groovychick character (anyone a 90s kid?!). 

Go check out their other pages for this theme on Instagram if you can; they feature a sweet pink bunny! 

June bujo spread; feminine floral bullet journal spread
Credit to @isabella_amse

This gorgeous floral bujo spread is perfect for June. 

I love the intricate flower illustration along the top, as it really helps to give the spread an elegant look. 

Whilst the majority of the spread uses different shades of pink, the flower drawing created by @isabella_amse allows her to add more colours in. 

The bright yellow, pink and green really help to create a summer vibe perfect for June! 

Butterfly Themed June Bullet Journal Spread

Butterflies are another great bujo theme idea for June. 

Check out this gorgeous butterfly bullet journal spread below, created by @thecreativeplan:

Butterfly themed bullet journal spread
Credit to @thecreativeplan

If you’re not much one for drawing, you can still create a beautiful bujo spread using other methods.

As Jen shows here, stickers are a great way to quickly add beautiful imagery to your spread; she’s perfectly combined the bold background colours and butterfly stickers to create a gorgeous, feminine spread.

Fruity BuJo Theme

Food is another idea for a theme for different months, and a fruit inspired spread is perfect for June! 

Check out some fruity bujo spreads below: 

Fruity bullet journal spread for June
Credit to @bujo.apprentice

This spread by @bujo.apprentice below uses all different types of fruits in a cute repeat pattern. 

I like the mix of the different types of fruits, rather than sticking to just one, as it means you can use different ones on each page throughout the month (or combine them all in a drink, as they’ve done on the left!). 

June bullet journal spread; fruity summer drink
Credit to @banikeswani_wall

This fruity drink inspired bujo spread created by @banikeswani_wall definitely says summer to me; I can almost taste the mint and citrus as I’m sitting in the garden sun! 

Don’t be afraid to stick to one colour when it comes to setting a bullet journal theme for the month.

The colour here is clearly green, but there are lots of different fruits and leaves incorporated into the design, meaning there are plenty of different shades of green to work with throughout the month! 

Picnic Bullet Journal Spread for June

In the same vein as food, a picnic inspired bullet journal spread is another cute theme idea for June. 

Below are some picnic bujo spreads from Instagram:

Picnic themed bullet journal spread for June
Credit to @allinabujo

I’m a sucker for pale pastel colour palettes, so I absolutely love this picnic inspired bullet journal created by @allinabujo!

Her spread uses minimal colour, but the different textures (from the checkered picnic blanket to the washi tape) really adds depth. 

The little plates of food and picnic baskets are also super cute, fun details!

Picnic themed bujo spread
Credit to @planning_with_danni

Here’s another picnic inspired bujo spread. 

Created by @planning_with_danni, I really love this unusual idea of almost dissecting the sandwiches, and seeing them before as initial slices of cheese and loaves of bread, etc! A really cool idea. 

I also love that they have been laid out in a kind of repeat pattern style; repeat patterns are such a good idea for bullet journal spreads, as you can carry them on as much as you want and fill your pages if you wish, or just add a couple of doodles here and there for simplicity.

Beach Bullet Journal Spread Inspo

The beach is a great theme for your June bullet journal spread, as most people are starting to enjoy the longer days swimming in the sea and relaxing on the sand! 

Check out some beautiful beach inspired spreads below:

Beach bullet journal spread idea for June
Credit to @ivanajournals

This is a super fun, beachy bullet journal spread by @ivanajournals!

It really is everything beach vibes; cool drinks, surfboards, palm trees, etc!

I also really love the drawing style in this spread; it’s so vibrant and colourful that I really feel like I’m there, sipping the drink in the sun!

Beach themed June bullet journal cover page
Credit to @vandasbujo

I really love the simplicity in this spread by @vandasbujo.

Just a cute line drawing of a boat, the sun and the sea, and a splash of bold colour here and there, and Vanda has created a really gorgeous bullet journal spread for summer. No need to complicate things! 

I also really like the idea of drawing something in a polaroid style frame; it helps to make your page seem full, but without having to completely fill it with a drawing and colour. 

Vanda has used a silver colour from a pen to give it a 3D effect, and make it seem like there is a polaroid stuck onto the page, which is a great idea. You could also use washi tape if you wanted a 3D effect (or just couldn’t be bothered to draw it yourself, ha!).

June Bullet Journal Spread Idea: Gardening Bujo Theme

Gardening June review bujo page
Credit to @twosidesofabulletjournal

This June bullet journal review page by @twosidesofabulletjournal is simply magical!

I love the different plant and flower illustrations dotted around the page; it’s always so interesting seeing people’s drawings. 

Gardening is definitely a great theme idea for June; the plants and flowers are enjoying the sunshine, just like the rest of us! 

And there are so many different paths you can go down if you create a gardening theme; you can focus on beautiful flowers (of which there are hundreds!), vegetables, the green grass, gardening tools like rakes and shovels, plant pots… The list goes on!

Random June Bullet Journal Ideas

Lastly, here are some cute bullet journal spreads for June I simply had to share. 

They didn’t really fit into a category of their own, but I thought they made really nice June theme ideas! 

Bees and butterflies bujo page
Credit to @elobujo.teacher

This bullet journal theme by @elobujo.teacher is so sweet.  

I love the bee doodles, and the little hedgehog catching butterflies in its net; it’s adorable! 

Remember, your spreads don’t need to be full of a certain colour or doodle to create a strong theme. 

Just a few bee doodles and a lil’ hedgehog catching butterflies is all this spread needs! 

June bujo spread; canal houses
Credit to @journal_with_joyce

This is a really unique bullet journal spread idea for June, created by @journal_with_joyce. 

The colourful canal houses are drawn beautifully, and whilst they’re not a typical theme idea for June, but the colours are so vibrant and uplifting that they really give the spread a cheery, summery mood. 

I also love this idea of drawing buildings/ a place as part of a theme for the month if you are visiting that place during that month. 

For example, if you are visiting Venice in June, your spread theme can be buildings on the water’s edge and gondolas! 

Music bujo page idea
Credit to @kksdoodles

This is such a fun, vibrant bujo spread for June! 

Again, this spread kinda gives me 60s vibes, with the bubble text and the funky rainbow of colours. 

I also like the music quote at the bottom; another good idea to make your June spread more personal is to focus your theme on a band you are going to see that month, or a festival you are attending! 

June Bullet Journal Theme Ideas Roundup

I hope these amazing bullet journal spreads have given you ideas for your June spread. 

Perhaps even for June over the next few years!

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bullet journal themes to try

Looking for theme ideas for your next bullet journal spread?

Maybe you’ve been bullet journaling for years, and have used up all your good theme ideas.

Or perhaps you’ve decided to create your first bujo spread… but don’t really know how themes work.

This post is all about bullet journal themes, including a massive list of bullet journal theme ideas for you to try (we’re talking hundreds!).

What is a Bullet Journal Theme?

If you’re new to the bullet journaling world, you might be wondering what a bujo theme is. 

A bullet journal theme is when you give your content a certain look to help tie it all together. 

Monthly themes are the most common, where you make sure all your spreads within that month follow a consistent style. 

Do I Need A Theme For My Bujo Spread?

The short answer is: no, you don’t need a theme for a bullet journal spread.

However, they are super fun to create! And help give your spread a bit of life.

Where To Find Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

As a bujo newbie, it can be difficult to come up with a theme to start off your bullet journal. 

And if you’ve been in the bullet journal world for a while, chances are you’ve used a lot of themes already, and are looking for fresh theme inspiration. 

Before you reach the massive list of bullet journal theme ideas, here are some places where you can find ideas for your next bullet journal theme:

  • Make notes throughout your day. Inspiration can strike at any time! Whilst you’re out and about, make sure to keep something on you that you can jot down your bullet journal ideas down as they come to you. You can keep a small notebook and pencil, or create a note in your phone that you can revisit. 
  • Look online (websites, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook groups, Reddit). One of the joys of the internet is you can find plenty of inspiration (and fast!). Most social media sites will have bullet journal content you can use as inspiration; Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook pages or bullet journaling Facebook groups; most social media sites will have bullet journal content you can use as inspiration. The hashtag “#bulletjournalideas” has over 1 million posts on Instagram at the time of writing! 
  • Ask bujo buddies. Lastly, if you can’t find any ideas that inspire you online, try asking friends, family, or other bujo buddies for themes you can try. 
  • Read round up posts of bujo theme ideas (like this one!). In this post, I’ve done all the hard work for you! And you should finish reading feeling inspired, and have lots of creative ideas for your next bujo spread.

Where To Use A Bullet Journal Theme

If you want to create a theme in your bullet journal, you need to give your designs a consistent “look”.

You can do this in the following places to help create an overall theme:

  • The cover page: when you start planning a monthly spread, a cover page is used to introduce the month. You can include a theme look in your cover page for whatever month you are creating; this will help to introduce the theme for the rest of the spreads you will create throughout the month. 
  • Headers: as you’re creating your various spreads in your bullet journal, the headers of any pages can be drawn with your theme in mind. 
  • Doodles: who doesn’t love to doodle! If you’re a creative who likes to add drawings into your spreads, you can draw images that relate to your theme.
  • Trackers: these are a great feature to include in your spreads to track different behaviours. You can design your trackers with theme colours and designs in mind. 
  • Logs: similar to trackers, your logging sections (like future logs) can be drawn to fit your theme.  
  • Quotes: lastly, if you’re including quotes in your spreads, you can select specific quotes that relate to your theme, such as quotes about flowers for spring. Or you can pick a quote that isn’t necessarily related to your theme, but draw it in a way that the design of the quote is. 

Bullet Journal Theme Ideas for 2022

Now you know where you can be including your theme in your bujo spreads, below are the best bullet journal themes you can try!

Bullet Journal Seasonal Theme Ideas

As bujo themes are often used for monthly spreads, it can be really helpful to think about the time of year you are creating the spread for.

Below are some bullet journal theme ideas organized by season:

Bujo Spring Theme Ideas

  • April showers
  • Baskets
  • Bees
  • Bike rides
  • Birds
  • Bunnies
  • Butterflies
  • Camping
  • Chicks
  • Cleaning 
  • Daffodils
  • Ducklings
  • Eggs
  • Flowers
  • Gardening
  • Hikes
  • Honey
  • Ladybirds
  • Lambs 
  • Picnic
  • Plants
  • Rainbows
  • Snails
  • Umbrellas

Check out some amazing spring spreads from Instagram below:

Spring bujo spread - Snail themed bujo spread
Credit to @pagesbyjenny

Snails are a super cute spring theme spread to try! 

I love the spread created by Jenny (pictured above). 

Bujo Spring Theme Ideas

The snails and flowers definitely give spring vibes, and the warm colours used also remind me of the sun starting to show in the spring months. 

I also really like the use of washi tape and paper; it makes the spread look so full and have depth, without stealing the show from the cute snail illustration! 

Spring bullet journal spread idea - April Showers bullet journal spread
Credit to @bujournique

This gorgeous spring inspired cover page is created by Nadia. 

The quote is beautiful, and ties in really well with the illustration below it. 

I also like the mixture of illustrations and patterned paper used; adding cut outs instead of colouring in your designs can help to add more texture to your spreads.

Bullet journal spring theme ideas - floral bujo theme
Credit to @bujo.with.sarah

This is another example of a really subtle spring inspired spread by Sarah. 

The flowers and pastel colours create a light and upbeat vibe perfect for Spring. 

I also love the use of layering the different paper and washi tape to help give the spread depth! 

Spring theme bullet journal spread. Tulip bullet journal theme
Credit to @bujobybien

This spring spread by Bien is bright and beautiful! 

It’s inspired by King’s Day, when the Dutch celebrate their King’s Birthday. 

The colourful tulips give the spread an upbeat vibe; remember, your spreads don’t need to be super detailed to be a theme spring. Some bright and colourful flowers are all you need, as Bien has shown here with gorgeous tulips. 

Yellow spring bullet journal spread. Bee themed and floral double page bujo spread
Credit to @writing_with_rachel_

I love bees and flowers for a spring theme, and this one by writing_with_rachel_ combines the two beautifully! 

The layering of the vivid yellow honeycombs behind the darker purple flowers really gives the spread depth, and help to make the flowers pop.

Using a combination of two theme colours is a great idea, especially if they’re opposite on the colour wheel (like Rachel has done here). 

Spring theme for bullet journal - pink floral bujo spread with butterflies
Credit to @hoaslife

Flowers and butterflies are a great idea if you’re looking to create a feminine spring theme. 

This spread by hoaslife is a really great example; the gentle shades of pinks create a really soft vibe. 

I also really like butterflies in a spread as they’re so flexible; you can add one or two/ a handful as Hoa has done, or absolutely fill your pages with them! 

Easter bunnies bullet journal theme inspo
Credit to @anigmandra

This is a super cute Easter inspired spread created by Anigmandra. 

Eggs and bunnies are both a great theme idea for spring, so why not include them both?! 

In this creation, the bunnies are holding eggs that are for a habit tracker, but you could have anything on the eggs; calendars, small eggs to colour in as part of a mood tracker, etc. 

Bee bullet journal spread
Credit to @sophia9_bujo

This is another cool bee-inspired spread, created by sophia9_bujo. 

The beauty of this spread is really in the simplicity; with just a few hexagons, some splashes of yellow and orange, and a happy lil’ bee at the bottom, and Sophia has created a really fun and full looking page! 

Spring Holidays

If you’d rather focus on an event for your spring bujo theme, you can focus on an event or occasion that occurs.

Check out some of them below:

  • Mardi Gras Day/ Fat Tuesday/ Pancake Day: March 1st 
  • St Patrick’s Day: March 17th
  • Mother’s Day UK: March
  • April Fool’s Day: April 1st 
  • Easter: April
  • Arbor Day: April 
  • Earth Day: April 22nd
  • Cinco de Mayo: May 5th
  • Mother’s Day US: May
  • Memorial Day US: The last Monday in May
  • Ramadan: between March and May, depending on the year

Summer Theme Ideas

  • BBQs
  • Beaches
  • Beach balls
  • Boats
  • Bucket and spade
  • Crabs
  • Campervan
  • Dresses
  • Fish
  • Flipflops
  • Ice cream
  • Ice lollies
  • Lemonade
  • Mermaids
  • Ocean
  • Palm trees
  • Pineapples
  • Sandals
  • Sand castles
  • Shells
  • Starfish
  • Sun
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Surfboard
  • Swimwear
  • Tropical
  • Watermelon
  • Waves

Bullet Journal Summer Theme Inspiration

Below are some awesome summer inspired bullet journal spreads:

Flamingo bullet journal theme for Summer.
Credit to @smile.sarah_

This spread by Sarah is everything summer! 

I love the mix of the different illustrations, as they’re all on theme for summer, but allow her to use a mix of really vibrant colours. 

Don’t feel you have to stick to one idea for your summer spread; this is a perfect example of how to add a bit of everything to a spread, and still make it look super cute! 

Shell themed mood tracker - summer bullet journal spread
Credit to @bujodanani

Shells are a simple but effective nod to summer, and this mood tracker by Nani has definite summer vibes thanks to the cute shell illustrations! 

The colours you use can also greatly influence the theme for your spread; Nani has coloured in the mood tracker with vibrant colours related to summer, such as blue for the sea and yellow for sand. 

So keep in mind how colours can also add to a theme; oranges and reds can give an autumnal vibe, and blues and cooler shades will remind people of cold winters. 

Summer bullet journal ideas - Jellyfish bujo spread
Credit to @alphabet_writing

Sea creatures are definitely on theme for summer, and the jellyfish illustrations in this creation by Adele are absolutely gorgeous! 

I love the use of watercolours; the jellyfish appear to be floating under the sea. 

There are just 3 jellyfish and a quote in this spread, but it still looks full and complete. So don’t feel you have to fill your page in order to create a theme; just a few drawings and a bit of colour is all you really need!

Under the Sea bullet journal spread for summer
Credit to @july.bullet

Here’s another example of a beautiful sea creature bullet journal spread for summer, created by July. 

Often when people think of under the sea, they tend to jump to blue.

But this spread uses warmer tones like yellows, reds and oranges, proving that you can use an array of colours for an under the sea theme!

Tropical bullet journal spread with palm trees
Credit to @dreamlyjournal

What’s more summery than palm trees?! 

This tropical mood and habit tracker by dreamlyjournal has serious tropical vibes; the warm colours especially remind me of sitting on a beach in the sun!

Turtle bullet journal spread - summer sea creatures
Credit to @alphabet_writing

Sea creatures = summer vibes! 

This spread, again by Adele, has the perfect summer feel. 

The stunning turtle and flowers drawing with a bit of colour is all that’s really needed to make this into a summery spread!

Summer bujo spread - lighthouse themed spread
Credit to @journalbyrosemary

A nautical inspired spread is another way to nail the summer theme. 

This spread created by ​​journalbyrosemary is a different way to capture the beauty of the sea, focusing on lighthouses and boats rather than the sun and sand. 

Here is another beautiful example of a lighthouse theme for summer created by le_bujo_de_morro: 

Nautical bullet journal theme inspo for Summer
Credit to @le_bujo_de_morro

I love the rope border surrounding the illustration in the middle, with the lighthouse slightly breaking through! 

If the beach isn’t your thing, perhaps food is a better theme idea. 

I love this watermelon spread by ziuredo:

Summer bullet journal inspiration - Watermelon spread
Credit to @ziuredo

What’s more summery than watermelon? 

I also love how simple this spread idea is; just a few slices of watermelon here and there, and you’ve got the perfect summer inspired spread!

Summer Holidays

There aren’t really many official holidays in summer, but you can certainly create a bujo spread inspired by the following:

  • Father’s Day: June 
  • Independence Day: June 4th

Fall Theme Ideas

  • Acorns
  • Autumn Trees
  • Apples
  • Baskets
  • Birds
  • Bonfire
  • Candy Corn
  • Foxes
  • Hedgehog
  • Leaves
  • Marshmallows
  • Mushrooms
  • Pinecones
  • Pumpkins
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Oak leaves
  • Owls
  • Rake
  • Scarecrow
  • Squirrels
  • Sunflowers
  • Toadstool
  • Turkey

Bujo Fall Theme Inspiration

Here are some wonderful Fall bullet journal spreads!

Fall themed bullet journal spread - mushroom bujo spread
Credit to @journalbyrosemary

I LOVE this October cover page by Rosemary; it’s a whimsical mushroom ring! 

Mushrooms are so autumnal, and easy to incorporate into any spread; you can add lots like Rosemary has here, or add one or two here and there. Whatever suits you! 

I also really love the colours used; reds, browns and oranges also add to the fall theme, as the leaves start to change to these shades around this time of year. 

Fall themed bullet journal spread - pumpkin mood tracker
Credit to @_jessdoodles

What says fall more than pumpkins?! 

I love this pumpkin moodtracker by _jessdoodles. It’s a really interesting twist on a mood tracker; rather than adding colour like you typically see, instead you give your pumpkins little faces depending on your mood. 

Such a sweet idea!

Fox and Autumn leaves bullet journal spread
Credit to @vanejournals

This is another great autumn bujo idea created by Vane. 

Orange is a definite fall colour, and this spread uses just that! 

I also love the little fox at the bottom; adding an autumnal animal(s) to your spreads, such as foxes, hedgehogs, squirrels, etc, are an easy way to give your spread a fall vibe. 

The quote is also very sweet, and adds to the fall theme. You can add a quote about leaves, autumn, or anything to do with fall!

Halloween themed bullet journal spread - Halloween mood tracker, habit tracker
Credit to @lillyjosefus

This is an amazing Halloween inspired spread created by lillyjosefus. 

Just like with the other seasons, you can choose to focus on an event that occurs in that season and incorporate it into a theme, like Lilly has done here.

It has Jack-O-Lanterns, bats, ghosts, candycorn, and then just fall related illustrations like leaves and hot drinks.

Halloween illustration bullet journal cover
Credit to @bujo.with.josh

This awesome October cover page was created by bujo.with.josh. 

Creating your own drawing inspired by the season is a unique way to give a definite feel to your spread, like Josh has done here with his quirky Halloween inspired illustration. 

Brown bullet journal theme and mushroom spread
Credit to @makin_art

This stunning September spread created by makin_art uses beautiful earthy colours and brown tones. 

I love the blocks of colours and the line drawings layered on top to create depth. 

Selecting a colour associated with fall and using different shades is a cool idea for an Autumn inspired spread; I imagine this would also look amazing in orange, with line drawings of leaves on top.

Fall Holidays

  • Chuseok: between late September and early October, depending on the year
  • Oktoberfest: late September and early October, depending on the year
  • Halloween: October 31st 
  • Diwali: between late October and early November, depending on the year
  • Day of the Dead: 1st – 2nd November
  • Thanksgiving: 4th Thursday in November
  • Moon Festival: Between September and October depending on the year (15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese calendar, which is in September or early October in the Gregorian calendar) 
  • Bonfire Night: November 5th
  • Remembrance Sunday: November
  • Thanksgiving: November

Winter Theme Ideas

  • Baubles
  • Bells
  • Candy canes
  • Christmas jumpers
  • Christmas lights
  • Cranberries 
  • Earmuffs 
  • Eggnog
  • Elves
  • Father Christmas
  • Fir trees 
  • Fireplace
  • Gifts
  • Gingerbread house
  • Gingerbread men
  • Gonk
  • Hats
  • Holly
  • Hot drinks
  • Icicles 
  • Igloo
  • Letters
  • Mistletoe
  • Nativity
  • Penguins
  • Poinsettia
  • Polar bears
  • Presents
  • Reindeer
  • Scarves
  • Skates
  • Skiing
  • Sled
  • Snowballs
  • Snowboarding
  • Snowflakes
  • Snowglobe
  • Snowmen
  • Snowy mountains
  • Stars
  • Stockings
  • Sugar cookies
  • Sweaters
  • The Grinch
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Wise men
  • Wreath
  • Yule Log 

Bullet Journal Theme Inspiration for Winter

Here are some amazing winter bullet journal spreads:

Winter bullet journal spread - snowglobe cover page
Credit to @ni_na_ks00

I love the snow globe idea for a winter bujo cover page; above is a beautiful example created by Nina. 

The house in the snow in this illustration definitely has a wintery feel, but you can put anything in your snow globe drawing. A snowman, sled, a fir tree; there are so many options!

Christmas bullet journal spread - presents mood tracker
Credit to @studyreadlove

Who doesn’t think of Christmas when it comes to winter?! 

There are so many different Christmas themes you can try, and presents/ gifts are excellent as they’re so versatile; you can do a quote about gifts with a cute illustration of presents to go with it, add a few gift doodles here and there, etc. 

I really like this gift themed mood tracker created by Eva; a simple present is a really great doodle to use for a mood tracker, as it’s really easy to replicate. 

I also like that the ribbon has split the present into four sections, so Eva can track her mood really thoroughly throughout the day, rather than just sum it up at the end of the day! 

Winter bullet journal inspo - snowflake theme
Credit to @bullet_by_rita

If you’re a bit more of an Elsa, and you’d rather a cooler tone to your spreads, icey blues, silvers, and whites are a good alternative to the reds, greens, golds, and other cosy colours sometimes associated with the winter months. 

A great way to use blues and whites is to go with a snowflake and ice theme. 

Snowflakes are so intricate and magical, that they make for beautiful spreads, as Rita shows here! 

Credit to

There’s no denying it; Christmas is one of the best things about Winter! 

And this spread by is all things Christmas. 

The candy canes, snowflakes, gingerbread, baubles; what more could you want?!

I also really love the Christmas-sy Gonks; these seem to have been gaining more popularity in recent years, and they’re a great theme idea for your bullet journal! 

Snowy landscape winter bullet journal theme
Credit to @illustrated_joy

When I first saw this winter themed bujo spread by illustrated_joy, I was convinced it was a printed out picture that had been stuck in. 

But it’s actually a painting! 

A snowy scene is a great winter inspired theme for your bullet journal, but don’t think you have to be an amazing artist to create one. 

Joy has a serious amount of talent, but you can paint, sketch, draw, or even do a simple doodle of a snow covered landscape; whatever suits your skill set! 

Winter bujo ideas - mitten theme
Credit to @juliwask

Sometimes, all it takes is for a simple drawing to create an awesome theme. 

Julia has done exactly that; she’s taken cosy mittens, and made a super cute theme for the month with it! Repeating the mitten doodle throughout her spreads. 

I love that each spread has a fun and unique layout, and no doubt Julia will have taken a great deal of time planning these spreads! 

Winter Holidays

  • Labor Day: December 5th
  • Hanukkah: December 10th – 18th
  • Las Posadas: December 16th – 24th
  • Winter Solstice/Yule/ Christmastide: December 21st
  • Soyal: December 22nd
  • Christmas Eve: December 24th
  • Christmas: December 25th
  • Boxing Day: December 26th
  • Kwanzaa: December 26th – January 1st
  • New Year’s Day: January 1st
  • Epiphany/ Three Kings Day: January
  • Chinese New Year: between January and February depending on the year
  • Groundhog Day: February 2nd
  • Valentine’s Day: February 14th
  • The Super Bowl: February

Bullet Journal Theme Ideas by Colour

Another fun bujo theme spread idea is to design your spreads based on a certain colour. 

Below are some colour-inspired bullet journal theme ideas!

Red Bujo Theme Ideas

  • Red animals: ladybird, octopus, lobster, crab
  • Red food: apples, cherries, strawberries, watermelon, raspberries, chillies
  • Red flowers/ plants: roses, poppies, 
  • Red cartoon characters: Elmo, Angry Bird, Pumba, The Incredibles, Mario, Mr Krabs, Lightning McQueen
  • Random: hearts

Orange Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

  • Orange animals: tigers, foxes, nemo fish, monarch butterfly, goldfish
  • Orange food: pumpkins, oranges, peaches, beans
  • Orange flowers/ plants: tiger lilies, butterfly weed
  • Orange cartoon characters: Garfield, Nemo, Crash Bandicoot, Tigger, The Lorax, Velma, Darwin, Flame Princess

Bujo Themes That Are Yellow

  • Yellow animals: ducklings, slugs, birds, fish, snakes
  • Yellow food: pineapples, bananas, lemons, cheese
  • Yellow flowers/ plants: daffodils, sunflowers
  • Yellow cartoon characters: Spongebob, Winnie the pooh, Jake the dog, Pikachu, Minions, Simpsons, Lemongrab
  • Random: stars, sun, sand, crown

Green Bullet Journal Themes

  • Green animals: frogs, crocodile, snake, lizard, tortoise
  • Green food: avocados, pepper
  • Green flowers/ plants: cacti, ivy, potted plants, grass
  • Green cartoon characters: Mike Wazowski, Shrek, Yoda, Kermit, Beast boy, Plankton, Hulk, Mojo Jojo, The Grinch, Peter Pan, Luigi, Prince Naveen, Sid the sloth

Blue Theme Ideas For Your Bullet Journal

  • Blue animals: peacock, morpho butterfly, whales, dolphins, 
  • Blue foods: blueberries, slushie
  • Blue flowers/ plants: hydrangea, globe thistle, bluebells, forget me not, cornflower, sea holly
  • Blue cartoon characters: Stitch, Sonic the Hedgehog, Smurfs, Genie from Aladdin, Squidward, Dory, Sully, The Cookie Monster, The Ice King, Tom (from Tom + Jerry)
  • Random: sea, waves, icicles 

Purple Bullet Journal Themes

  • Purple animals: raven, octopus, jellyfish
  • Purple foods: grapes, aubergine
  • Purple flowers/ plants: lavender, allium, foxglove, lilac, wisteria, aster
  • Purple cartoon characters: Amethyst, Raven, Barney, Cheshire Cat, Fear (Inside out), Randle, Gengar, Waluigi, Eduardo, Ursula, Purple Minion

Pink Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

  • Pink animals: pigs, flamingos, axolotl, starfish, jellyfish 
  • Pink foods: cotton candy/ candy floss, bubble gum, dragon fruit, turkish delight, cupcake, doughnut
  • Pink flowers/ plants: roses, cherry blossom, peonies, campion
  • Pink cartoon characters: Pink Panther, Patrick Starr, Piglet, Peppa Pig, Snagglepuss, Jigglypuff, Toadette, Princess Peach, Princess Bubblegum
  • Random: lipstick, nail polish, ballet slippers 

Brown Bujo Theme Ideas and Inspo

  • Brown animals: bears
  • Brown foods: chocolate
  • Brown flowers/ plants: trees, mushrooms  
  • Brown cartoon characters:  Scooby Doo, Tasmanian Devil, Jerry (from Tom + Jerry), Paddington Bear, Bambi, Gingie, Sandy, Mator, 
  • Random: woodland

Black Bujo Theme Ideas

  • Black animals: panther, bat, raven, spider
  • Black foods: blackberries, olives
  • Black flowers/ plants: black delight viola, black hollyhock
  • Random: night sky

Fun Bullet Journal Themes

Lastly, here are some random, fun bullet journal theme ideas: 

  • TV show inspired spreads: Pokemon, Game of Thrones, Simpsons, Friends
  • Film spreads: Harry Potter, Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Studio Ghibli
  • Game themes: Animal Crossing, Minecraft,
  • Disney characters: Disney Princesses, Lilo + Stitch, Alice in Wonderland
  • Themes by decade: 90s (yellow, purple, blue and pink, cassettes), 70s (shades of brown, red, and yellow, flowers, peace symbols), 
  • Places to visit/ travel: London themed, Paris, etc
  • Space: Galaxy, planets, aliens, UFOs
  • Food inspired spreads: Candy (M+Ms), donuts, cake 
  • Sporty spreads: Olympics, football, Super Bowl
  • Mythical creatures: Fairies, mermaids, dragons, gnomes

Bullet Journal Theme Inspiration Roundup

Hopefully this list of hundreds of bullet journal ideas will have given you some inspiration for your theme.

As there are over 300 to chose from; in fact, it may be difficult to pick just one!

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